These are the cheapest hours of the day

These are the cheapest hours of the day

he Light price today, Monday 20 May, is expected to change significantly throughout the day, providing an opportunity to manage our consumption efficiently and reduce costs in our homes. Next, we will explore in detail the different time periods and corresponding rates to determine the most strategic time to use our devices. When is it cheaper to run a washing machine? What is the cheapest hour of light price?

💰How much does the refrigerator consume and what do you do to save electricity when using this device?

Light price: hour by hour on Monday, May 20

  • One hour: €49.12/MWh
  • 2 hours: 44 euros/MWh
  • 3 hours: €46.62/MWh
  • 4 hours: €48.16/MWh
  • 5 hours: 48.4 euros/MWh
  • 6 hours: 50.5 euros/MWh
  • 7 hours: €55.99/MWh
  • 8 hours: €58.82/MWh
  • 9 hours: €49.98/MWh
  • 10 hours: 33.8 €/MWh
  • 11 hours: €13.5/MWh
  • 12 hours: 11.3 €/MWh
  • 13 hours: €9.45/MWh
  • 14 hours: €4.5/MWh
  • 15 hours: €3.13/MWh
  • 16 hours: €0.54/MWh
  • 17 hours: €3.25/MWh
  • 18 hours: €5/MWh
  • 19 hours: €15.17/MWh
  • 20 hours: 33.8 €/MWh
  • 21 hours: €49.12/MWh
  • 22 hours: €59.31/MWh
  • 23 hours: €57.63/MWh
  • 24 hours: 49 euros/MWh

Electricity prices and rates are cheaper today, Monday, May 20

Today is Monday, May 20 Light price There are large variations throughout the day, providing opportunities for consumers to take advantage of lower prices. In particular, Electricity price today Realize it The lowest point is at 4 p.mAt a rate of only 0.54 euros/MWh. This is the best time to do activities that require high electricity consumption.

Other time periods include significantly lower prices 3pm at €3.13/MWh, 2pm at €4.5/MWh. These prices represent a great opportunity for households and businesses looking to reduce energy costs.

Prices and tariffs are more expensive in view of Monday 20 May

today, Monday 20 MayConsumers should pay attention to which watches Light price Shoots, so you can plan and reduce your energy expenditure. the Today the light rate reaches its maximum at 22 hoursAt a rate of 59.31 euros/MWh, it is the most expensive period of the day. During this time, it is recommended to reduce the use of electrical appliances and equipment that consume high electricity.

To avoid Electricity rates are more expensive todayIt is necessary to avoid intensive energy use Time periods from 6 to 8 AM and 9 PM to 11 PM, especially 10 PM.. By properly managing energy consumption during periods of high electricity prices, consumers can better control their expenses and reduce their monthly electricity bill.

What is the best time to run the washing machine today, Monday, May 20?

Today is Monday, May 20 The best time to run the washing machine And other home appliances in 16 hours, when the price of light reaches the daily minimum of 0.54 EUR/MWh. This is the perfect time to do household tasks that use a lot of electricity, such as using the washer, dryer, or dishwasher.

How much does the oven consume? Tricks to reduce energy consumption

the Electric ovens Common in modern kitchens, but it is necessary to understand their energy consumption and how to reduce them. The oven’s consumption depends on its power and model, although it does not constantly use maximum power. For example, cooking a chicken takes about 1.5 kilowatt hours per hour, which is about 30 cents, while making gingerbread costs about 15 cents.

for every Calculate the cost of the furnaceMultiply its power by the number of hours of use, then by the price of electricity. For example, a 1.5 kW furnace operating for 3 hours at €0.1201/kWh would cost €0.5 per week.

To save energyChoose an efficient oven (Class A or B), use a convection oven, avoid opening it unnecessarily, use full capacity, do not preheat for prolonged cooking, and clean it regularly. These tips can reduce energy consumption and save money, contributing to a more sustainable kitchen.

*This information was written with the help of ChatGPT and supervised by a journalist from El Nacional before publication.

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