To whom and what to change

To whom and what to change

Tari: From January 1, 2023, new commitments made to improve the quality of urban waste management service will come into force. Both municipalities and citizens will be interested in the news. Let’s see together all the details about it.

From January 1, 2023 The new set of rules will come into effect e Obligations on TARI stomach for subscriberIt was introduced with the aim of improving Quality of service Municipal waste management. The news will also affect users.

Let’s see in the following article what will change for municipalities and citizens.

Tare: What is changing for municipalities

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The new package of obligations on TARI designed by ARERA will enter into force on January 1, 2023. From next year Municipalities will have to better ensure continuity, regularity and safety of serviceplus one contract quality Thanks to:

  • managing activation, change and termination requests;
  • managing complaints and requests for information and correcting amounts charged;
  • Payment methods, frequency, installments and repayment of unpaid amounts;
  • waste collection on demand;
  • Malfunctions and repairs of home assembly equipment.

Date 2023: What changes for citizens

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As for usersHowever, the first modernity is related to An exceptional deferred payment plan from Tareewith municipalities that will have to guarantee an additional premium for installments of at least €100, or in case they exceed the average value of the last two years by 30%:

  • to Recipients of social reward envisaged for the electricity, gas and water sectors;
  • to users located in bad economic conditionsDetermined on the basis of municipal standards.
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Finally, with reference to complaints For requests for information and reimbursement of amounts charged in error, the new standards provide for a response time of 30 days. TARI coupon verification must also be performed and payments corrected within 60 business days, and refunds paid within 120 days.

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