There is news about the former Inter

There is news about the former Inter

Antonio Conte è has won yet another award in his amazing career. In fact, the International Football Association Board (FIGC) awarded him an award golden seat. This is the sixth award for the Italian coach: Four golden seatsOne silver seat it’s a ‘private‘, handed over in 2018 to win the Premier League with Chelsea. The former Nerazzurri coach has been awarded an award for his astounding driving season from inter Last season, he was crowned with a win Scudetto. With 20 votes, he won the competition Pegs (19 votes) H Gasperini (8 votes), the latest winner of this award.

Earl Tottenham Award

Gabriel GravinaThe president of the union commented:Hoping this is the final remote release, I’m delighted that Golden Bench once again this year scored a nearly full post for those entitled. Congratulations to Antonio Conte and all the winners! This is a prestigious recognition renewed in the wake of our great tradition. In football that is constantly evolving, I hope that these great coaches will be a catalyst and an example for the new generations, especially in the field of training and constant updating.“.

also Demetrio AlbertiniThe head of the technical sector wanted to comment on the prestigious award: “Antonio Conte deserved this award because in a short time he was able to convey his mentality and philosophy to the players; He was very relieved to find his own ideas in this field. We would have liked to celebrate this award with a big gala at Coverciano, which is the leader in the art sector; Unfortunately this year too, for the second time, we are giving this tribute “at home”, hoping to get the party back at the Federal Art Center as soon as possible.“.

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