You can create a conversation with yourself, useful for anxiety and stress

You can create a conversation with yourself, useful for anxiety and stress

WhatsApp is always implementing new functions and with each update the news appears that the company is setting out to be more and more attractive to its already many customers.

WhatsApp is completely free and there are no more users spread all over Globalism who use it at work but also to keep in touch with friends and relatives.

It is difficult to find a smartphone that does not have the hugely popular instant messaging system. But how often do we want to save an important note and send it as a text or voice message to a loved one we trust?

A way to keep your notes discreetly

It is a very easy thing that almost everyone does. In fact, if you have to select something on the go, the simplest thing is to send the vowel to a trusted person and so it will not escape our memory. but after Even if very few people know it, there is also a way to create a conversation with yourself. Practically speaking, in addition to various chats with friends, relatives and colleagues, you can also have a chat where we are always on the other side.

Here’s how to create a conversation just for us

In fact, there is more than one way to do this, but we would like to point out the simplest. Just create a file New Group On WhatsApp by placing us and another member of this group then Remove the other member of the same group.

In this way, only us will remain in the group, and therefore we will have a conversation only with ourselves. Advantage In addition to being a feature of possession A space to send audio files and documents that we care about preserving Without having to share with someone, a small daily diary that you trust can also be created Anxiety and fears in daily life Then listen to them again a few days later so you can re-evaluate them with a calm head.

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A small but useful remedy

According to experts, it is a small but effective remedy to weaken our cure daily anxiety. In fact, by recording a vowel telling your negative concerns or thoughts, perhaps before the test and then listening to them again later, We will be able to reformulate our negative view under pressure And getting used to over time to get to know our fears better and live with more detachment.

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