“There is mail for you,” Stefano Di Martino and the surprise for Davide who lost his father to Covid

“This is a surprising story.” This is how a story begins David a “You’ve got mailwho lost his father, who already suffers from diabetes, to Corona virus disease. David’s concern is a Contrition Not to tell his father that he loves him. To call Maria de Filippi is being EnzaThe mother of a young man who would like her son to metabolize for mourning. “He knew how much you loved him, I want to see you on the road to happiness“, writes a goat in a long letter addressed to his son, who then asks for intervention Stefano Di Martino To organize a surprise for her only child.

Dancer and TV presenter David pencil. “Someone who is no longer around gave me a pen – explains Di Martino, adding – in a dark period, I wrote all the things that hurt me and did not confess them even to myself. Then the ink ran out, I realized that the ink of that pen – he says – is finished because his job with me is over, I listened to your story. I reloaded this pen and decided it should keep working with you. Only you know what to write. Write down the things that make your heart weigh and the things that make you smile. I hope you do the same, Stefano adds.

“It’s hard to understand how much parents love us. I should have had a son to understand how much my master loves meAnd – consider the dancer – when you understand the meaning of love towards a child, you will know how much your father can love you.” But David’s surprises are not over because Di Martino reveals:Another gift I give you is a work of artI would like you and your mother to leave for Paris to go see the Mona Lisa up close,” he concludes.

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