Music producer Piero Sugar, husband of Caterina Caselli, has died –

Music producer Piero Sugar, husband of Caterina Caselli, has died –
From Chiara Maviletti

The publisher was the son of the founder of Messaggerie Musicali. With the singer, who soon becomes his wife, they have a son, Filippo, who now heads the company

Music producer and publisher Piero Sugar, husband of Caterina Caselli who died on the night of June 12 at his home in Milan. Born in 1937, he is the son of Ladislao Sugar, known for founding Messaggerie Musicali and managing CGD. After joining his father’s company at the end of the 1960s, Piero became its managing director, leading it with great success. The funeral will take place on June 13, in the afternoon in the Basilica of San Marco in Milan, in private, by decision of the family, which has chosen strict secrecy at this time. Reserve has always been an entrepreneur, capable of shaping the music world with intuition but always keeping a distance from the spotlight. Not even his marriage at the time tempted this gentleman of the show, who was not at all fascinated by fame or the limelight.


Qualities that immediately conquered Caselli, were discovered by what later became her father-in-law. It was Ladislao Sugar who noticed the singer at Piper in Rome, in 1965, and recorded her a year after the hit that no one can judge me. So Piero Sugar and Caterina Caselli met at a very young age and got married in 1970, when she was 24 years old. The following year, his son Filippo was born, today at the head of the family business. The couple has always been very close, giving life to a partnership that also works. In 1989, Caterina Caselli Sugar founded Insieme-Sugar, which later became The Sugar Company. Filippo Sugar also served as Siae President from 2015 to 2018. Team artists include Andrea Bocelli, Mallika Ayan, Negramaro, Raphael Gualazzi, Madame, Motta and Sangiovanni. Among the many public memories, also those of the Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini, who made it known: with Piero Sugar, the Italian entertainment world loses a great hero: a music publisher and record producer who throughout his long career managed to foresee this happening. Times, try and bet on new talents. On this sad day I relate to the pain of his wife Caterina Caselli, the pain of his son Filippo and the many friends and colleagues who have accompanied him in his life.

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Artists Messages

Many messages are also from artists. My deepest condolences to Caterina Caselli and her son Filippo for the loss of her husband and father Piero Sugar, Tonino Crippizzi, singer and keyboardist of Camalonte, wrote on social media. While Mario Lavezzi said: “Today came the sad news that Piero Sugar has left us. For many years, along with Katrina Caselli, publisher and record company for many of my hits and also a friend. For me it is a deep pain. Hi Piero.

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