School, Zaya pleads with Draghi: Listen to the science, we won’t hold out

ROME, Jan 9 (askanews) – “I am not looking for a fight. Draghi will speak tomorrow, and it is necessary to understand that the zones are in the fore: get a picture of the zones, we all want to keep the school open, but the conditions are not right. They ask to empty the sea with the bucket. No The bucket is leaking, but the capacity is limited,” said Repubblica Veneto Governor Luca Zaia who hopes to rethink the government on reopening the school and asks the “scientific technician of the commission, he cannot fail to do so at the request of the provinces.” “As regions we asked for adjournment. Not wanting to break any front, in the last meeting I asked a question that was laid out in black and white: Let’s avoid going in no particular order, but the scientific community has to say” and “a 15-day postponement does not mean losing the championship. The problem is That the result will be from Monday, we will have a lot of classes in Abbey, reduced hours, we will last a week and then maybe you will have to step in. Guidance is needed, but conditions are scarce here. And if the conditions of opening remain that way, without Hypocrisy: We can’t hold out.” As of Monday for Zaya we will have 20 to 30% of employees who will not turn up for the appeal because they are quarantined, sick or not vaccinated.

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