Dark period Simona Ventura, it’s dangerous. A very difficult battle for the daughter

Dark period Simona Ventura, it’s dangerous.  A very difficult battle for the daughter

Simona Ventura has told on several occasions a really dramatic period in her life, but what everyone may not know is the difficult situation she has to face with her daughter. She was serious.

Simona Ventura She is known to the general public as being one of the most active TV presenters and this is because she has given birth to several programmes, one of which for example was The famous island that first appeared in 2004 on Rai2 With great success and then passed in the following years on Canale 5. But even before the reality show was made, Ventura had been involved in the sport for years by presenting Those who football for some versions.

Simona Ventura made her first steps in the entertainment world many years ago with a classic apprenticeship, and participated as a competitor in the program W women, on Rete 4 And the year that follows Couples Game, Canal 5 Contest conducted by Marco Bridolin.

She, like many performers and models, also participated in the Miss Italy contest, where she did not win, but won a troupe. Miss MoretoDomani sposi valley is soon noticed and becomes a program, a well-known format implemented by Giancarlo Magali.

In recent months there has been talk of the lung disease of Simona Ventura’s partner, Giovanni Terzi He suffers from a disease affecting the respiratory system and he should pay close attention to him because especially in this period with Covid, the risk of contracting the disease is very high and Giovanni Terzi currently has limited lung capacity. The man also recently wrote a heartfelt plea on social media to encourage people to get vaccinated.

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But the situation of the current partner was not the only difficult one that the woman had to face. If this is a situation related to the emotional sphere, then the fact that we are telling you relates instead to family affairs. This is what happened with your daughter.

Simona Ventura and the story with her daughter

Perhaps not everyone is aware of the fact that Simona Ventura, in addition to being the mother of Nicolò and Giacomo of Stefano Bettarini, is also the mother of Caterina, who has been in custody for some time and who wanted to give her the same title that her siblings don’t feel the difference.

Katrina was taken into foster care because there was no one who could take care of her. Simona Ventura intervened with a truly altruistic gesture and the most altruistic choice was to maintain contact with the girl’s biological mother.

Simona Ventura never spoke about this story, but today the woman told the story of foster care and the fact that it was not always easy, in short, the path of caring for a minor is not always all roses but Simona Ventura is a strong and resolute woman who has been able to prove herself in any situation and we have seen it.

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