Breast cancer is “usually less aggressive” in those who exercise regularly, an expert said

Breast cancer is “usually less aggressive” in those who exercise regularly, an expert said
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Although exercise does not prevent all cases of breast cancer, because it is a multifactorial disease, “for those who do regular physical exercise and are diagnosed with a tumor, it is usually less aggressive,” noted Miguel Martin, head of the GEICAM Breast Cancer Research Group, In the “Exercise, Sports and Breast Cancer” conference.

The meeting, held with the Supreme Council of Sports (CSD), focused on disseminating the benefits of physical exercise and sport in the prevention of this disease, as well as during the oncological process, providing more tolerance and “more possibilities” to overcome the disease,” according to Miguel Martín.

However, the President of GEICAM stressed that “there is still a lot of work to be done to raise awareness about the enormous benefits that physical activity has in reducing the risk of infection.”

Regarding the quality of life of patients undergoing treatment, specifically the side effects of oncology treatments, “a treatment for which there is no drug cure and which, on the other hand, can improve significantly with exercise, is debilitating, according to scientific evidence,” noted Dr. Martin.

Thus, the Director General of the Supreme Council of Sports, Fernando Molinero, expressed the importance of “cooperating on the same goal, as well as establishing lines of action with sports federations to obtain data.”

Other lines of research

For her part, coordinator of the Physical Exercise Program for Oncology at GEICAM, Maria Alonso, highlighted that although “there is very strong evidence about the benefits of physical exercise in relevant aspects, for example, quality of life and mental health.” There is other data that is still unknown or “unstudied.”

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“For this reason, the lines of research that we are working on through our program are, on the one hand, to find out the level of physical activity practiced by breast cancer patients at the national level,” and on the other hand, he added, “the research projects aim to identify specific exercises and the benefits they bring, building on the treatments to which the patient is subjected.”

Promote eSports in giveaways

As noted at the conference, organizations such as the Real Federación Española de Kárate y Disciplinas Asociadas seek to encourage more women to take up sports.

The association's director of women and sports stressed, “We always try to adapt it to the circumstances of every woman so that she can enjoy it in her daily life, including the elderly, whether in order to impact her health or society.” Royal Spanish Federation of Karate and Allied Disciplines, Teresa García.

On the other hand, this sports federation also carries out activities targeting school children with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of practicing sports and the relationship between the consumption of toxic substances during adolescence, such as alcohol, in the development of this tumor.

The meeting also saw the participation of Real Federación Española de Automovilismo driver and European and Spanish Mountain Champion, Angela Vilarinho, who shared her personal experience after receiving the diagnosis in 2020.

He stressed: “Sports helped me to be stronger in those circumstances; in my case, the matter was more complicated because of the social moment we were living in and it was very difficult. However, we had to move forward.”

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Finally, during the day, GEICAM highlighted the “YoDoyDuroPorEll@s” campaign, which continues awareness work on the preventive effect of physical exercise on the development of breast cancer and the importance of investigating this pathology.

“Physical exercise and sports are not only beneficial for health, but also for society. For this reason, we will continue to work with GEICAM to move forward on this path,” concluded the Director General of the Supreme Council for Sports.

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