Pistoia, science has conquered Montolivito Park

Pistoia, science has conquered Montolivito Park

to Marcellus Paris

Pistoia – Not academic science but boys and girls from some prep schools in the county who gathered in the park to talk “science stories”: famous kids for a day.

The event, which took place rather quietly, is in its fourth edition after debuting in Piazza del Duomo in 2017 and being repeated the following year only to be abandoned due to logistical and administrative difficulties, that is, because of bureaucracy. The experience was revived last year by the Raffaello school and this year in collaboration with three schools: Raffaello, Cino da Pistoia And Martin Luther king From Potigon thanks to the commitment of the teachers Angela MonoAnd Duccio Tognini and Ariana ZampiniAnd With the help of some colleagues, while the chords Bureaucratic problems were overcome with the help of the Amici di Montuliveto.

There were about twenty classes who ventured to study and accomplish the works, to exhibit them and ‘publish’ them in the garden. Numerous scientific works ranging from Forest protection,the plaster techniquesthe Biology discoveryand again Mathematical beauty and harmony in shellsAnd secret codesAnd Familiar mechanicsAnd Disorders (balance and center of gravity), Contemporary animalsAnd Leonardo Da Vinci.

This demonstration comes on the heels of an initiative “Yes wonderful” From the Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia and Pescia Foundation that has made it an important annual appointment with the great participation of institutes and schools of various levels with a mixture of competition with prizes.

Pistoia, science has conquered Montolivito Park

That which has taken place in the park is a freer and more limited scope but in the intentions of its promoters it is also expected to grow thanks to the continued collaboration with the friends of Montoliveto and the availability of the school administration.

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It must be said that the men and women whom we meet on the docks specially equipped for experiments or for simple advice on the manners of civic education, give what they have studied in depth with diligence and above all competence.

In short, educational enrichment gives them credit and, we believe, pays them for the effort involved because, as for educators, the activity that is undertaken is largely informal and voluntary.

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