Their color says a lot about your personality, according to science

On the adage “Deceptive Apparitions”And someone will answer “The eyes are the mirror of the soul.” Some actually see that the eyes, and in particular, the color, a statement Personal from someone…

And science confirms it! A study by Swedish researchers fromÖrebro . University, reported by our peers in the media Girl Scouts, pointing to A clear correlation between the color of the iris of the eye and the personality of the individual.

Here are their exact conclusions (supplemented by other studies).

Eyes: their color determines some aspects of your personality

The study was conducted on a sample of 458 people volunteers. what does he say ?

  • Dark brown for black eyes

70% of the population they have brown eyes. But this “popularity” does not lead to complete transparency in the character of the wearer.

In fact, according to researchers, the darker the eyes, the more mysterious… Hence the legend of dark brown! Another study from current psychology He adds that people with this eye color tend to have more attractive and more friendly with those who cross their path.

In friendship, hmmm of trustLoyal and reliable.

According to the researchers in the aforementioned study, the most notable trait in people with green eyes is courtship. A study published in the journal International Journal of Indian Psychology, reported by our peers in the media the listHe adds that there are more people with green eyes creative from others and more Harmful.

Hazel eyes are a mixture of brown and green.

In life, there are many people with hazel eyes so lonely, we are Don’t count on it Faster than others… Lots of personality traits that give them and nurture their side as well adventurer.

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The researchers found that they had moretighten.

It is the rarest eye color in the world according to statistics. Many people say that gray eyes are just a different form of blue eyes.

Several researchers have claimed that people with gray irises have one Strong adaptability : They can integrate into any social context and mix with different groups of people.

This can be explained in particular by top hole Among their peers (again by science).

Finally, some researchers also suggest that they are more diligent from the rest of the population.

Blue eyes indicate the presence of a great intelligence. Researchers also attribute many Strength (mental and physical) For people who have .

Other studies have found that they have other, less useful personality traits … According to their claims, blue-eyed people abound. competitorse selfishnessThat’s a lot less sympathetic from peers…

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