“Teacher in Science”

“Teacher in Science”

Padua – The Bo mourns one of its most famous scientists, who collaborated on research leading up to the Nobel Prize. Tullio Buzan He passed away yesterday at the age of 73. the former brigadier general Rosario Risotto, who was a pupil at first, and then his classmate and friend, remembers him in a moving voice: “He was formidable. Aside from my personal pain, the whole of Italy is losing a great world. An exceptional scientist known all over the world ».

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Born in Venice, graduating Buzan Medicine and surgery in Padua in 1973. He has been Emeritus Professor of General Pathology since 1986, and played the director of the Department of Experimental Biomedical Sciences at the University of Padua for 12 years. He contributed to the founding of the Veneto Institute of Molecular Medicine, of which he was scientific director for more than 6 years. He has held many prestigious positions in Italian and foreign institutions, including that of President of the European Organization for Cell Biology and the Italian Society of Cell Biology. From 2009 to 2012 he was Director of the Cnr Institute of Neuroscience and since 2012 he has been Director of the Division of Biomedical Sciences at Cnr. For his scientific activity, he has received many national and international awards, including the Feltrinelli Prize for Medicine, the Murlin Medal in the USA, and the Honorary Degree in Medicine from the University of Geneva. Elected to a number of the most prestigious national and international academies, Accademia dei Lincei, Veneto Institute of Sciences, Letters and Arts, Galileian Academy, Academia Europaea, European Organization for Molecular Biology, Royal Society of Canada, “National Academy of Sciences” USA. And in 2018, the most significant recognition was: Joins royal societythe London Academy of Sciences founded in 1660 and headed by Isaac Newton who, over time, became among the scientific partners of the idea of Alessandro Volta, Albert Einstein, Rita Levi-Montalcini.

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The I remember
To try to define its human and scientific caliber in a few words is Rizzuto: “For me it is a tremendous pain. Tullio was a teacher, then a friend and a lifetime colleague. We spent whole days with him talking about science, innovation and curiosity. He was able to create and embody the spirit of modern science.”
“Italy is losing a real beacon. Tullio was admired and appreciated all over the world, with his passionate and stern personality. He was very quick wit and knew how to always look ahead.”
Rizzuto is moved but smiles as he thinks of the many conversations with Pozzan: ‘He always knew where I was going when I started a letter. It was always a step forward. It was also fun to see when he “overtakes you” in thinking.
On the other hand, his autobiography speaks to his name: “Being a member of the Royal Society of London is a rarity for British scholars, let alone international ones. But his stature was known to all and could only have ended up among the best in the world. Because he was and proved it in everything he did.”

Only Rizzuto can relate him to Padua and Bo: “Tullio Pozzan was the son of our university, first as a student and then as an academic in medical school. His curiosity prompted him to interact with everyone, even those who were only experts in disciplines far from them. We are all close to his wife and daughter, who, knowingly, were the center of his world.

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