The zoo says goodbye forever to Catalonia in the huge Telecogresca

The zoo says goodbye forever to Catalonia in the huge Telecogresca
When Zoo published their third album three years ago Lipoleas (Zoo Records, 2021), very few people – to say practically no one – knew how to feel that the lyrics of the last song of the album, “Cançó posthuma”, hide the band's imminent withdrawal from Gandía. The song, which talks about leaving and saying goodbye with dignity and like flying, became prophetic three years later when Zoo It announced earlier this year that it was folding by surprise. However, before leaving, the Gandia group wanted to say goodbye with a series of concerts for the Catalan and Spanish countries, which stopped yesterday in Catalonia for the first and only time at the festival. telecogresca.

At 11:15 p.m., the arena and stands of Parc del Forum in Barcelona were filled to capacity to enjoy the performance. Zoo, who started the concert with the song “Tir al ninot” as they did last year at the Festes de La Mercè. As expected (since she was performing right after), the rapper is from Aldaya JazzWoman He appears in the final part of the song to recreate the song's original collaboration.

Zoo and JazzWoman at Telecogresca 2024 Photo: Sergi Nunez

The party continued with the celebratory song “Unshownable” and a coverOpening step “Paths.” The studio version recorded by the band nearly nine years ago actually included the singer's collaborationFat geese Josep Montero, but on this occasion, the group chose to do a great spin of the wheel and as a guest brought one of the most reference sounds of the roots of Valencian country music: Pep Jimeno “Sausage”. Singer Xativí, with whom he has sung the theme several times Opening stepshowed off his impressive singing style and created a strange and contrasting duet with Bankso's voice.

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The concert continued with a good series of songs from the beginning Storms come from the south (Propaganda pel Fet!, 2014), such as “Vull”, the initiator of “Estiu” and “Imperfeccions”, which combined two historical figures of rap music in the Catalan countries: Rodrigo Lavinia (the previousIn Versaris(and Tony Mejias)The Corn Chicos). After a central part in which songs of all genres were combined, such as “Sereno”, the prophetic “Cançó postuma” or the always intentional “Panya”, the concert increased the intensity again first with “Llepolies” and then with the everlasting song. – Famous version of “Esbarzers” by Deaf dogWhich was sung by guitarist Arnau Jiménez – former guitarist of the band Bigulin.

Zoo in Telecogresca 2024 Photo: Sergi Nunez

Before reaching the final stage, the group wanted to thank the Telecogresca organization for its trust, not only for this farewell concert, but also for the trust placed in them from the beginning. Bankso remembers that first concert at a festival In Catalonia from Zoo It was at Telecogresca 2015. The singer also addressed some kind words to all the festival committees in Catalonia inviting them to play and allowing them to meet all the people “in this beautiful country”. “It was worth it,” the singer concluded.

The final section of the concert came with the song “Correfoc” and “Corbelles”, which Bankso presented through reworking Scurvy (“We are the same as when we started“), culminating in the two most famous themes of the Gandiano band: the tropical “Propellers” and the sarcastic and energetic “Toboggan”, which unleashed a final euphoria with pogos Chariots included blazing fires. When it seemed so Zoo He was saying goodbye forever, but he left one last gift: the opening theme to Lipoleas, “straight ahead.” But surprisingly, the band chose not to play their last song, “The Conclusion,” which tells the reasons for their departure.

Zoo He said goodbye to Catalonia forever with a strong and warm final thanking everyone present at Parc del Fòrum. In this way, the group puts an end to a thousand adventures and adventures undertaken over a period of ten years across a large part of the Catalan territory. Despite the fact that their already popular anthems will no longer be played (or at least for a long time), nothing can erase the tremendous legacy they left behind. Zoo He leaves behind: a unique fusion of rap, pop and dance, and poetic lyrics with an inherent vindictive rhetoric. The monkey is gone, but his art will live on forever.

Jazzwoman, Dan Peralbo, EL Comboi, Sara Socas, Whale TRIP, DECLIVI, other heroes of Telecogresca

behind Zoo, Telecogresca also had other champions throughout the day. The first artist to appear on stage at six in the afternoon was the emerging group from Manres drop, winner of this year's edition of the Engresca't competition. The group, headed by singer Neil Navarro, released a rock song close to alternative rock in the 1990s and 2000s, and translated many of its own songs, such as the recently released “Teseu” and “Mirall entelat.”

Telecogresca Retreat 2024 Photo: Sergi Nunez

Devouring the winning band in the last edition of the same competition, Whale journey. The group from Barcelona, ​​which includes a wind section and also two choir girls, demonstrated their good translation skills and artistic quality. With several members from music schools – such as l'Esmuc and Jam Session, among others – the band performed their own songs and versions featuring funk, jazz or soul.

Telecogresca Whale Voyage 2024 Photo: Sergi Nunez

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As the sun set, the Parc del Fòrum began to fill, and in the meantime, the people of Torello began performing Dan Peralbo and the caravan. The winning band of the Sona9 2021 Emerging Artists Competition took the opportunity to introduce themselves and present some unreleased songs that will form part of a future album, produced by the duo from Emporda. Cala Vento It is published by Montgrí. Of course, the vast majority of his repertoire consisted of songs from his previous electronic tunes, such as “L'esperit”, “Diumenge”, “Margarita” or “Cor trencadís” (the Catalan version of “Heart of Glass”, from blond).

Dan Peralbo and the train at Telecogresca 2024 Photography: Sergi Nunez

Before performing ZooTenerife rapper Sarah Soukas She brought rap and hip-hop to the stage, and after Gandia's set, hip-hop followed with more bars and beats from rapper Aldaia JazzWoman. With a new lineup that includes a guitarist and a percussionist behind several platforms, the singer brought revanchist and noticeably feminist rap with songs like “Amor i amistat” or the mix of earthy beats and tropical beats of “Suavemente.” The night was capped off by Marshmallow DJ Trabella With an eclectic collection of hits from today and yesterday.

JazzWoman at Telecogresca 2024 Photo: Sergi Nunez

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