Rania from Jordan, her look is a dream. But the husband is worried

Rania from Jordan, her look is a dream.  But the husband is worried

Rania from Jordan She left everyone’s breath with her presence after dark as part of Ramadan with her husband Abdullah II. The Queen appeared in a gorgeous embroidered gown that was defined The perfect view for breakfast. But the calm of the moment was overshadowed by the health conditions of the king, who suffers from severe back pain, such as the need for emergency intervention.

Rania from Jordan, the look of a dream

Rania from Jordan Then celebrate the blessed month of Ramadan by meeting a group of young people participating in various sectors, from media to volunteer work, from entrepreneurship to art at an Iftar party at Al Husseiniya Palace. Her Majesty the Queen came for an appointment with super outfit. I’ve already worn it traditional white abaya With intricate coral red embroidery, on the edges of the sleeves and on the chest.

The abaya is a typical attire for Muslim women, a type of cloak, usually black, that covers the entire body and leaves only the head, hands and feet exposed. Rania decorated her dress, of white linen, with a drawstring belt that accentuates the waist, making her look more elegant, and completed with a bag made in Italy, signed by Bottega Veneta.

Rania from Jordan What is breakfast

Rania has been defined before Harper’s Bazaar Arabia The perfect view for breakfast. Iftar is the evening meal with which Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset.

The Queen, who accompanied King Abdullah II, also delivered a speech during the Iftar and published a series of photos of the event on her personal account on Instagram, accompanied by her wishes for a peaceful Ramadan. Next to her husband, King Abdullah II, who appeared smiling and decent, despite leaving for Germany on Sunday 10 April for Undergoing emergency back surgery.

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Rania from Jordan, her husband is undergoing urgent surgery

Overcome fears of coup after half-brother Hamza bin Hussein has relinquished any claim to the throneAbdullah II decided to leave Jordan for a few days for treatment. On the advice of doctors, an operation for the herniated disc will be performed in Frankfurt, where he has been undergoing treatment for several months.

According to the official statement issued by the palace, “The King previously suffered from back pain from time to time, due to skydiving during his military years. The pressure on the nerve due to a herniated disc has increased recently, which increased the severity of the pain to a degree that required urgent interventionAccording to the advice of doctors.

After the operation, the king will not return to Jordan immediately, but will remain under observation for a week. It is not known what day the surgery will take place, nor if Rania will be with him or if she will stay in the Palazzo.

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