From angry monkey bitch. vent

From angry monkey bitch.  vent

After defining Iva Zanicchi as “pathetic”, Selvaggia is vehemently attacked by Mariotto. Then he commented on another insult with bitter reflection on social media

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Wild Lucarelli Reverse Vat Zanicchi, Chapter II. At the heart of the dynamics is always the confrontational controversy between the influencer and the singer Dancing with the Stars 2022who celebrated their first semi-final last night on Rai 1. Already champions of a media issue at the start of the release (When Eva called the judge on live TV), this time the two held court with a new bitter controversy, even within it William Mariotto. Here’s what happened.

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Lucarelli vs Zanicchi: “You’re pathetic”

in Saturday, November 26th episode Dancing with the Stars did not experience exclusion, but certainly there was no shortage of emotions nor above all diatribes. Most notable – needless to say – are two of the totems of this edition: Lucarelli and Zanicchi. the latter, having been dressed in a special gown at the rehearsal of the Notes Musical Sister ActThen hold the scene with the inevitable now joke moment: a dirty little story that the audience and the jury laughed at. In fact, to almost the entire jury. Wild LucarelliIn fact, you disliked Aquila’s countless puns from Ligonchio and accused her of overstepping her bounds with her jokes: “Like all the great comedians—because you’ve been a little comedian here—who at a certain point want to play dramatic roles because they’re trying to get other strings, I’ve always been the same here Tennis racket It freaked us out, albeit at a certain point It has become unnatural at times.”

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Marioto’s Accusation: “The Angry Wild Monkey”

It is clear that the accusation of being unnatural Vat Zanicchiwho promptly replied to the judge with proverbial vivacity, claiming that Right to lightness“But on a show like this Saturday night, where we have so many misfortunes, So much sadnessAnd after yesterday I spent the day crying because it is the anniversary of the death of the person I loved the most (his brother, Antonio, ed.), Did I come here and piss off the public with my pain? number, I want to entertain himThe”.

While The studio audience applauded Eva and cluck against Selvagia, Guillermo Mariotto also entered the discussion with a straight legwho addressed the fellow sworn in harsh terms: “You make a dirty character, Selvagia, for you You are acting like an angry monkey For a friend who throws a stool at all costs,” the designer was shocked, pointing out The recent (and controversial) deletion of Lorenzo Biagiarelli.

Selvaggia Lucarelli and the bitter position at Balando 2022

over here? Not even by accident. As often happens when Selvaggia Lucarelli is involved, The controversy had a line on social media. In fact, the day after the live broadcast, the influencer posted a long blog post retracing all the controversies the protagonist had in this version of Dancing with the Stars, from the “tr***” that Eva received. Zanicchi for the definition of “Howl Monkey” that Marioto just compiled. A long and bitter reflection Where, among many disturbing remarks, Selvagia confirmed it Dancing with the Stars “It’s the World Upside Down” where “feet instead of a head, all turned”, e Iva defined Zanicchi as a competitor who “danced in a manner of speaking and who had been telling jokes between kazy a** and ham for weeks”. Even the final comment, which – to sum up – appealed to the public’s opinion and triggered one last jab To the 82-year-old singer, now her archenemy: “Luckily, a lot of people at home see the same thing, too. And I kind of laugh. It feels like a joke. Better than Eva though.”

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