“Blackmail”, “I will ask you your wheels”

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A new gunfight over Canal 5 talent between the Romanian rival and the singer from Brescia who certainly didn’t send them to say

Let’s go back to review a all together now Michel Pereira, a competitor with a rather difficult past, actually gave us more than a few moments of tension in the episode last week. The reason is related to the fact that the Romanian singer is of Sinhalese origin, For a long time he had to fight against the spectrum of bodyweight.

Michelle Pereira, with her determination and energy, made the All Together Now audience unleashed but above all the jury, which gave her a full 100. The problem is that later the artist stole more than a few points because of the referees (Francesco Renga in particular) and thus was unleashed because of him, A small case related to body positivity.

It has actually been said that Michelle Pereira put a lot of emphasis on the topic of body positivity, somehow begging for votes in light of her physique. But there is much more than that. What infuriated her, in particular, was the comment of Francesco Renga, who compared her unkindly to another competitor.

When Michelle Hunzker Pereira asked if she felt bad about the sentence received, she indicated that it had hurt her. It was above all a talk about talent made by Renga. singer Angelo It was pointed out “Between skill and talent we pass” Determining how, from this point of view, there was a gulf between Pereira and the other competitor seen shortly after, Giacomo Travels.

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At this point, Michelle Pereira wanted to explain how she felt after receiving such comments, addressing the judge who somehow broke it up. In response, Francesco Renga stated:

You’re not a girl, you know how it works, when you co-play, and it can happen that one person may love you less than another.

Before he performs on stage again, he sees the direction, J-axe He joked that after his performance, Francisco Renga could have found the car scratched. La Pereira, still suffering from tooth poisoning, let him tell “Maybe I won’t turn your car, at most I’ll puncture your wheels.”

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