The Witcher 4, first previews arrive: A shocking revelation for our beloved protagonist

The Witcher 4, first previews arrive: A shocking revelation for our beloved protagonist

An unexpected turning point for The Witcher, with the arrival of the new season, the iconic saga is set to change forever.

Fans of the fantasy genre, 2024 is sure to be a good year for those of you who closed out 2023 in the name of new features, whether video games or TV works. If you are also waiting impatiently New season of the magicianMake yourselves comfortable because he will finally come. Big changes have already affected the famous TV series, which did not cease to amaze after the farewell of the protagonist.

The Witcher, the new season arrives – Photo Ansa –

In fact, he took the role of Geralt de Riva He won't be Henry Cavill anymoreHe was indeed Superman Man of steelBut Liam Hemsworth has a brother bull, So to speak. the reason? The former protagonist seems to be a big fan of the saga the magician Before, I didn't like some of the plot twists.

This sounded like a wake-up call for all the fans who were heartbroken when they saw the actor, one of the biggest fans of the franchise, parting ways with the TV series. Briefly, Lots of curiosity from the audience Which just a few days ago received further advances from another hero of the saga. This time, it was actress Freya Allan who revealed the matter.

The Witcher 4 news, the turning point within the series has arrived

A huge success too for very young Alan, as she was born in 2001 and made her showbiz debut just months before she was selected for the cast. the magicianThis is the series that later allowed her to achieve international fame. Inside the product next to the exit Netflix interpret The role of Cyrillia Fiona Elaine Rhiannonanother character set to change radically.

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The Witcher 4 game previews
The Witcher 4 What will happen to Ciri – Photo Ansa –

Siri, this is the diminutive often used to refer to the character, a princess who is forced to carry her Heavy inheritance burden. His relationship with the protagonist, however marked by fate, has yet to be explored. In the fourth season of the magicianThe actress revealed that Siri's adventure will take a very important turn.

Ciri's character is about to be infected with the Dark PlagueAlan revealed that she did not want to go any further, but said that she was excited to accompany the princess on this parallel journey. Now the actress just has to be seen What will the audience's reaction be? After the development of his character. This transformation of his could bring a dark atmosphere within the universe the magician. According to rumors, the fourth season will be released between the end of the year and the beginning of 2025.

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