June 7, 2023

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Starfield, Digital Foundry’s Video Analysis Talks Next Generation and Old Generation Elements – Nerd4.life

starfield He is the new protagonist Video Analysis From digital foundrywho looked closely at the game’s trailer for a clue Both aspects of the next generation and the old generation Bethesda’s new address.

On the plus side, the Starfield video game on Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase appears to use ‘Quality Effects In terms of bolstering the details inside, in this case he learned the lesson of Halo Infinite compared to the abundance of beta chatting that delayed the Xbox exclusive.

Second, space production is still an unknown factor in terms of the technologies used, but it seems to do its job very well, as it does Mix of manual assets and procedural elements that characterize the surfaces of the planets that we will be able to explore.

Right now, there are two things that make us put our noses up: on the one handNo reflections in ray tracing or even screen space inversion, at the moment it has been replaced by simple cube maps; On the other hand what is clear Frame rate drops which is observed during some phases of combat.

John Lineman compared the Starfield trailer to the Fallout 4 cartoon, and in that sense Bethesda’s progress looks great. However, there are still many unknowns and the hope is that all doubts will be resolved between now and launch.

In the meantime, check out the Starfield special, the Star Citizen who made it.