The Wine Meridian International Tour has concluded in the US

The Wine Meridian International Tour has concluded in the US

The trip brought together different models of American hospitality and new market trends. The results will be presented in an online conference on Tuesday 26 September 2023, 11.30.

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It officially ended international Wine tours in the United States to Meridian WineThe month-long trip that saw the paper embark on an immersive journey to discover the model of wine tourism in the United States.

on the cart Meridian Wine He visited more than 130 wineries in 23 different statesbeing able to observe what makes the famous American welcome different from the Italian one, but also the great variety of offerings that can be found within this country.

Food and wine tourism is experiencing a moment of awe all over the world and Italian wineries, through projects such as International Wine Tours, have the opportunity to take a first-hand look at trends, developments and the best solutions for a proper welcome. For this reason, initiatives of this caliber have proven to be essential journalistic activities to bring continuous innovation to the wine sector.

After touring in Italy, Europe and South Africa, he United State They have proven to be a compulsory destination to raise awareness of Italian businesses of the opportunities that wine tourism can offer. The United States one is for sure An innovative model of wine tourismAs well as being a high performance and sustainable system. Wine clubs, promotion and heavy investments in direct sales are just some of the tactics that US wineries are exploiting to their advantage, and which in Italy are still struggling to be accepted and understood.

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During his weeks in the States, Wine Meridian was able to capture the nuances of American hospitality and bring them together in a format never before created. First-person visits to the company and interviews with more than a hundred American managers and owners made it possible to formulate a very important idea for Italian wine tourism.

“It was a very intense experience, in many ways even challenging – confirmed Lavinia Forlani, President, Wine Meridian – but which allowed us to touch on the one hand the different hospitality models of American wineries (both small and large) and at the same time, to gather the needs of the wine tourists who flock to American wineries in droves. In fact, we are convinced that the only way to understand the real opportunities offered by wine tourism is to try different wine experiences and understand how our wineries can build a welcome strategy that is appropriate to their identity and the target they want to intercept.

In addition to understanding the true ‘wine tourism spirit’ of the USA – he added Fabio Piccoli, Managing Director, Inc Meridian Wine – This tour allowed us to deepen the current dynamics of the most important international wine market. The United States of America is also undergoing a period of profound transformation in terms of consumption trends and attitudes on the part of the world of import and distribution. This information will also be invaluable for building editorial content and on the training front.”

The data, testimonials, and concrete examples collected over the past month have been concentrated into one training session: in October Wine Tourism Campusa path available to professionals in the world of wine who want to have in one reliable source all the tools currently available to build a flawless wine tourism offer.

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Tour details

Mileage: 7900

Carriage travel hours: 200

Number of countries crossed: 23

Number of companies visited: 138 companies, including: 35% with reservation, 40% with agreed dates, 25% without reservation

Duration: 35 days

Medium: American wagon with a length of 9 meters

Apply online: Tuesday 26 September at 11.30

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