Russo-Ukrainian War, Live Stream – UN Ceasefire Vote: 5 no. Biden: “Chemical attacks? We will respond.” US and EU: Energy Task Force

Russo-Ukrainian War, Live Stream – UN Ceasefire Vote: 5 no.  Biden: “Chemical attacks? We will respond.”  US and EU: Energy Task Force

US and EU: “Supporting War Crimes Investigations”

The United States and the European Union support “the work of experts in documenting files war crimes Who collect evidence on the ground in Ukraine.” The President of the European Commission confirms this Ursula von der Leyen And the President of the United States Atmosphere Bidenin a joint statement.

The European Union and the United States: a working group on energy security in Europe

there European Commission that they United States of America Together they will form one war unit Which will have the task of identifying and addressing the most urgent needs to ensure energy security from the European Union. It can be read in a joint statement issued by the US President Joe Biden And by the head of the authority Ursula von der Leyen. This task force will also be tasked with accelerating transition towards clean energy. All with the aim of contributing to the reduction of the Union’s energy dependence on Russia as soon as possible.

The European Union and the United States: “More than 1.5 billion euros in humanitarian aid to Ukraine”

Europe And the United States of America They will give in everything More than 1.5 billion euros at humanitarian aid to Ukraine. This was stated by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der LeyenThe President of the United States, Atmosphere Biden, in a joint declaration on the sidelines of the European Union summit. “We will continue to mobilize and coordinate significant humanitarian aid to support people in Ukraine, those forced to flee and those affected by the severe impact of the Russian war around the world. This includes more than $1 billion in humanitarian aid from the United States and 550 million euros from the European Union.” .

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European Council, concluded the meeting with Biden

In the European Council members European Council They just concluded the meeting with the President of the United States, Atmosphere Bidenthat left Palazzo Europa. Now EU leaders will continue the debate on Ukraine. To ensure confidentiality there is nothing portable devices in the room.

Stoltenberg: “If Putin wanted less from NATO, he got the opposite”

My message is that if Putin wants it less boyI got the result Oppositebecause it puts more NATO on its borders.” The NATO Secretary General said that Jens Stoltenberg In an interview with Tg2. If Putin tries to divide us, he will get the opposite. Stoltenberg added: “We will see NATO more united and stronger than we have seen for many years.”

Ukrainian army: Moscow wants to end the war by May 9

According to the intelligence of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, citing the newspaper Kyiv IndependentThe Russian command of the troops said that the war must end By May 9It is the date on which Russia celebrates the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.

The Ministry of the Interior: 67,000 refugees have arrived in Italy

So far they have come to Italy, from the frontier, 65,439 refugees From Ukraine: 33,591 women, 5,910 men and 25,938 minors. Rome, Milan, Naples and Bologna are confirmed as the main destination cities. The 2,446 refugees who arrived at the border by train from March 10 to 23 must be added to the figure recorded today, for a total 67885 People. The Ministry of the Interior announces this.

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Biden: “Sanctions for a whole year, so Putin will stop”

Sanctions are “never deterrent”, but they will eventually work against them Vladimir put it in. This is what the US President said Atmosphere Bidenresponse at a press conference in Brussels. “If we support what we are doing, not only for the next month, but for rest of the year. This is what it is will stop himBiden was referring to the Kremlin’s leader, Vladimir Putin.

Attack of the evacuation train Kyiv Ivano-Frankivsk

close Vasilkiv In the Kyiv region, the evacuation train was attacked Kyiv Ivano-Frankivsk. This was stated by Oleksandr Kamyshin, director Ukrzalizhnytysya. The windows of three carriages were destroyed. There were no injuries.

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