Together they think about convicting Kasol and Madawla

Together they think about convicting Kasol and Madawla

Internal crisis a together As allegations of alleged harassment of MPs Aurora Madaula and Christina Casole mount. In addition, the party leadership considered taking legal measures against what it considered “defamation and leaks” of the two leaders. As several sources explained to Europe Press, this is how the matter was presented this week at both the permanent meeting and the group's meeting in Parliament last Tuesday. On that particular day, the president of the Foundation, Ana Ira, proposed, without sufficient support before the Foundation's office, that the anti-harassment protocol be suspended so that the instrument whose accusations had been accepted by the two deputies could be reconsidered.

Junts asserts that what is at issue is a “political debate” and denies there is a case of “sexism”. Al-Bat explained in Tuesday’s meeting that the formation requested the activation of the aforementioned legal procedures “in the face of this breach of confidentiality, in the face of this defamation, and in the face of these leaks” that occurred in the cases, and that, in his opinion, they have harmful effects on training. Madaula and Kasol, who are linked to Junts president Laura Boras, have at different times lodged a complaint with the Parliament's Equality Office against the Junts group for alleged harassment. In these cases, the institution delegates the investigation to an external company that accompanies the complainant and guarantees confidentiality until resolution. The aforementioned outside company has not yet resolved the Madaola case, but it did resolve the Casol case through a report published by El Periodico which concluded that in most of the ten cases reported by the leader, cases of harassment or discrimination could not be certified but rather he described the work environment. In the group “where most cultural masculinity is rooted.” She also points out that there are instances of internal tension in the training and that there is a “strong patriarchal foundation”, among other aspects. Although there was no need to publish the complaint or the conclusions, in this case it did, as it was also announced that Madaoula had also resorted to this anti-harassment protocol.

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Bad for the picture

At the session, Patit accused himself of the “defamation” that he believes the report contains and which, in his opinion, harms the party's image. Although he explicitly referred to detailing the facts without delving into personal issues, he stressed that they have always worked as part of the group to protect the formation. He also announced that from now on they will record parliamentary group meetings “so that the content of what is being discussed is not distorted” and so that there is evidence of the dynamic of discussion within the group behind closed doors. Casole, who the party had warned would be expelled if she did not hand over the report of her deputy, informed Patet and the Secretary General of the Juntes Party, Jordi Turol, that she would not do so, and that if she was expelled, she would do so. Going to be an unaffiliated member of Parliament.

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