Russia attacks another American drone in the skies of Syria

Russia attacks another American drone in the skies of Syria

A new episode of high voltage occurred in A sky over Syria, when a Russian fighter jet came dangerously close to an American drone, damaging it with signal flares. represents this event The latest in a series of accidents between Russian and American military forces in the Middle East.

During an anti-ISIS mission last Sunday, prof US MQ-9 Reaper UAV Russian planes approached them, and one of them began dropping flares, causing severe damage to the drone’s propeller. Despite the crash, the drone crew managed Return it to the base.

Lt. Gen Alex GreenkowitzThe Commander of the Central Command of the Air Force worry Regarding the incident, stressing that such behavior by the Russian fighter jeopardizes the mission of the United States to defeat ISIS permanently.

A video of the incident, recorded by a drone, shows the Russian fighter He approaches from behind and drops flares near the drone. This episode mentions a similar incident that occurred In March over the Black Seawhen a Russian Su-27 fighter jet hit an American drone, damaging its propeller and forcing it to make an emergency landing in the water.

Clashes between Russian aircraft and American drones have become It is increasingly being repeated in Syria. Both countries conduct military operations in the country, albeit with different goals: the United States is engaged in the fight against ISIS, while Russia supports the Assad regime.

Gen. Mark MilleyThe chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said that American analysts are trying to understand the reasons for Russia’s increasingly aggressive actions.

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in an incident occurred On July 5, three Russian fighter jets jammed three American drones that were flying over Syria., dropping flares and forcing drone pilots to maneuver to escape attack. A similar incident occurred the next day, when another Russian fighter dropped flares in front of an American MQ-9 drone that was participating in a mission against ISIS targets.

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