Here is the live video, not to be missed »

Here is the live video, not to be missed »

A Neanderthal comet will reach the sun and it will be amazing: here is the live video, not to be missed

Neanderthal cometWho knows if Neanderthals noticed the passage of a comet 50,000 years ago.
The fact is that in the coming weeks the same comet will cross the skies of Italy and the entire northern hemisphere.

We are talking about c / 2022 E3 ZTFFind out the comet March 2, 2022. Because of its long revolution around the sun, it was called “Comet Neanderthals It will be soon Even to the naked eye.
The comet can already be observed through binoculars or telescopes and fans of the cosmos compete to see who takes the most amazing picture. Comet has one Sparkling green foliagebrushed by the solar wind, a remarkable tail of yellowish dust and a smaller tail of blue ions.

But let’s see some data on this fascinating space object, coming from the distant Oort Cloud (comet-forming).
C/2022 E3 ZTF, the agency said Dealing has reached rock bottomany lowest distance from the sunthe January 12th.
On the occasion of this event, prof Live video for 5 a.m. (4 UTC) on Saturday, January 14.

On February 2, 2023, the comet will be at the lowest distance from Earthabout 42 million kilometers, and will always be clearly visible in the northern sky because it will become a polar ocean.
Last December 5th it was observed at +8.8 an increase of 1.4 degrees from last month and is expected to reach magnitude +5 in February 2023 (remember the limit for naked eye observation is 6).
In January, it will pass through the constellation Corona Borealis and will be visible in the second part of the night.

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