When (and where) will the Kiev offensive arrive? – Corriere.it

When (and where) will the Kiev offensive arrive?  – Corriere.it

Strategists, like everyone else, They consult the weather every day. It is an aspect that can greatly influence choices. point today starts from the sky.


David Helms, a former Air Force meteorologist who follows the conflict from a “climate” standpoint and re-releases data on social media, offered his forecast. In the southern sector, the land tends to be drier in one to two weeks, While on the eastern front it will still be very wet and muddy until mid-May. If the Ukrainians take into account these parameters They could launch an offensive in the southern sector in the direction of Melitopol And other goals. Indeed, it is difficult to move heavy vehicles in the muddy mixture Rasputitsa which has already impeded the advance of Russian vehicles on Kiev: the videos and photos that have been circulating in recent weeks show this at great length. However, there are several assumptions on the table. Security Council Secretary Oleksiy Danilov said: Only a small number of people, between 3 and 5 years old, know when and where the attack will happen.

The statement which is part of a tactic, as are the signals about Crimea, the target or other plans of Kiev. Now the brightest fire in the east. The invaders continue with small steps in the heart of Bakhmut (or rather, what remains) also using new units, while Vuhledar is still the second home. With consequences for the hierarchy: Moscow was going to decide to replace General Rustan Muradov, convicted of heavy losses, with some of the plundered departments. The vacillation of the Russian officers, who come and go on the battlefield, is constant. The reference is not always final, as there are “power” games. We find the same ups and downs in the judgments of analysts Focusing on the behavior of the occupation army and the defenders’ ability to recover the missing.

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Weapons file

The road to arms, when the Europeans are involved, could get more complicated. the site European politician Existence detection Disagreements over the (approved) EU plan to deliver 1 million artillery rounds to Kiev within 12 months. There are two reasons for the slowdown. France wants it to be produced by companies within the union, and so it is with the Greek Cypriot axis against its purchase in Türkiye. Moreover, there are doubts about the factories’ ability to keep up with the schedule. Administrators work hard trying to overcome obstacles. Instead, Warsaw, the new Sparta marched into the heart of Europe. A shipment of new supplies for the Resistance has been announced: mortars on vehicles and a batch of MiG-29 fighters. Poland has also signed an agreement with Ukraine for the joint production of 152 mm shells, at factories based in Poland that are safe from raids.

while The United States is about to open a large warehouse on Polish soil With materials, ammunition, means sufficient to equip an American brigade. And Logistical prepositioning, soldiers will arrive only when needed. The barracks at Powidz became analogous to the bunkers the Allies had long established in Norway. Finland, which has just joined NATO, announced Purchase of the Israeli David’s Sling missile defense systemThe cost of the contract is more than 340 million dollars. A device capable of countering missiles, cruise liners and other threats.

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