February 5, 2023

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Brazil, government: “To investigate Bolsonaro for attempted coup.” In the United States, deputies are calling for the ex-president’s visa to be revoked

After discovering a draft ordinance in the home of former Justice Minister Anderson Torreswhich would assume the reverse of the outcome of the October elections won by Lula, the Brazilian government asked to investigate the former President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonarofor an alleged coup attempt. there Brazilian constitution It provides that the President can order a “State of Defense” in order to “maintain or immediately restore public order or social peace, in restricted and specified places, or social peace threatened by serious and imminent danger.” Institutional malfunctions“. the decreewhich should be sent to Parliament Within 24 hours and approved by an absolute majority, it was not signed by the President at that time Jair Bolsonaro Hence the intervention to cancel legitimate result affiliate elections Only project remains.

“The arrest of Torres is inevitable, and now it is imperative to investigate former President Bolsonaro’s involvement and take action for crimes against the democratic rule of law,” said the Senate Majority Leader. Randolph Rodriguez. For his part, the Minister of Justice said Flavio DinoHe said there had been a “series” of “coup d’etat” events, including an attempt to ignore the 2022 election result and the storming of power buildings in Brasilia last Sunday. On that day I Supporters from the former president They stormed the headquarters institutional authorities. Torres, who is currently in the United States, justified himself by saying that the document found at his home should have been “shredded” and that the allegations against him had been taken out of “context” to harm him. Torres, pfor whom an arrest warrant was issuedhas already announced through his lawyer that he intends to return to Brazil to turn himself in.

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Meanwhile, dozens of Democratic lawmakers, including some members of the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, sent a letter to President Joe Biden asking for Bolsonaro’s visa to be revoked. “We ask that you re-evaluate his status in the country to ascertain whether there is a legal basis for his stay and to revoke any diplomatic visas he may have. The United States should not give sanctuary to him or any authoritarian person who inspired such violence against democratic institutions.

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