The whole truth about the case of Pamela Prati and Mark Caltagirone – Big Brother VIP

The whole truth about the case of Pamela Prati and Mark Caltagirone – Big Brother VIP

Over the past few years, a lot has been heard of a romance that turned out to be a real scam or something in between Pamela And her presumed and future husband Mark Caltagirone.

If for many Pamela was a real victim, then for others, the showgirl rode the wave for fame: but what is the truth?

Having come out of this bad situation with a broken bone, today – after a period of suffering – Pamela is ready to tell the whole truth.

Talking to her about this story is too complicated. Alfonso says and explains that although many years have passed, it is still difficult for VIPs to take on this discourse because so many sufferings are surfacing in her mind.

The host, having given a brief summary of a much-discussed story, opens the call home and invites the important person to go inside the mystery.

After a good deep breath, it was time for Pamela to trace the whole story above all else to provide answers to the audience who always loved and supported her.

The showgirl says she met Mark Caltagirone four years ago through his “friends” who turned out to be fraudsters. Exactly in this case, in a very difficult period for her, her friends told her that this person told her that he followed her and that he liked her very much. “They told me that we would be perfect together”. Pamela also says that – paid for by these people – she sent Mark a message on Instagram writing the well-known phrase “Happy Spring”.

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‘I found a fragile and problematic person’ The important character says that, having known this person for a while, she discovered a lot of suffering in the man, just as she suffered.

Pamela says that she believed in his existence even though she had never met him because Mark – according to her stories – was a witness to justice and could not show himself for security reasons: We wrote to each other twenty-four hours a day..

“He made me feel alive, and I was always on the phone with him” Pamela continues, adding bitter details: “It always made me feel guilty.” He continues talking about excessive jealousy that has become stressful over time.

Even Alfonso – like Pamela – tells of being the victim of a similar scam and that he warned the showgirl about it: “I thought you were wrong” He comments explaining his reasons for choosing not to listen to the conductor.

The story of the showgirl continues, from Sebastian’s birthday celebrated in seclusion to talk of the arrival of Rebecca, the second child adopted by Pamela and Mark.

“For me they were there, I didn’t make fun of the audience, they made fun of me” Pamela explains.

For Pamela, it was not at all easy to deal with the media chaos generated when this story and all its ramifications made it to the news: “I wanted to commit suicide, they enjoy seeing people destroyed.” He says talking about scammers.

“I never betrayed my audience, if you were there I would only thank you” Pamela concludes, addressing the audience she found herself forcibly lying to by telling a story that did not exist in spite of herself.

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