Mirjana teaches Ricciarelli a lesson

Mirjana teaches Ricciarelli a lesson

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A new disciplinary measure arrives for the people most spying on homes in Italy due to various transgressions and the outbreak of the clash

to me Big Brother Vip 6 Another disciplinary measure and another clash. The air you breathe in the Cinecittà House is very tense. strong friendship between Katia Ricciarelli And Manila Nazarote Now it seems to have come to an end. It was an unexpected turning point for many viewers and the opera singer has repeatedly shown that she is disappointed by the departure of her closest ally. Therefore, she could not restrain her indignation, to the point that she attacked the former Miss Italy several times. He is also the protagonist in his recent attacks Mirjana Trevisanwhich often allowed herself to get into strong quarrels.

This time the clash erupted during the new manifesto speech. The production decided to punish Vippons, who violated different rules. Mirjana and Antonio Medogno thought about reading the verdict. Al-Jefan informed their colleagues that there will be a cut in the budget available for weekly shopping. This isn’t the first time production in this release has decided to punish them for some transgressions. Before reporting the number, Trevisan emphasized all points of the regulation that were not respected.

The showgirl called on everyone not to underestimate the rules, so that not all members of the House of Representatives are punished yet. The excesses relate, for example, to delays in changing batteries and smoking cigarettes within the four walls. At this point, Medugno read the entire press release. Budget will be reduced by 30% this week “Because he went over some house rules.” the Measures It mainly refers to the freeze that the competitors did not respect in yesterday’s episode.

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The available budget will be 224 euros. At this point, the A fight between Mirjana and Katia Ricciarelli to me GF Vip 6. In the Yesterday eveningAnd I knew sopranos Trevisan, Manila, and Nathaly delle snakes. Now the showgirl used this moment to respond to this attack. While recording the abuse, he joked: “We don’t whisper under covers like snakes do, we’re in a snake’s den”.

The sopranos did not accept the sarcasm of Mirjana, who immediately responded to the excavations. Feeling affected. In detail, he noted that he only said what he thought. The showgirl replied that hers was just a joke and Katya was angry: “When you’re done making silly speeches, I’ll answer you.”. But Trevisan didn’t let him get away with it.

He called her not to offend her in the morning, while Ricciarelli commented: “Paradox is beautiful when it’s smart”. In short, a quarrel arose between the two, with Mirjana who did not let such words get away from her. The showgirl this time did not hold back her disappointment and continued her thoughts with determination.

“How are you kidding, I’m kidding. We are equal. There are those who joke and those who can’t”

Immediately after the engagement, Trevisan released the force Manila Nazarote, who reiterated that at that time he was only joking. The ex-Miss Italy agreed with her friend and stressed that at home there will be those who feel it is his right to be sarcastic when he wants, while at the same time demanding that others do not.

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