MAMT shows and promotes art made by women in Tarragona

MAMT shows and promotes art made by women in Tarragona

An art exhibition that simultaneously aims to be a restorative initiative. the Museum of Modern Art in the Province of Tarragona (MAMT) premiered this evening'Contemporary artist“, composed of works 15 authors Which aims to defend the art created by women in order to compensate for their rare presence in the art world throughout history. The exhibition was opened by the head of the regional council, Noemi LoradoWhich he considered “of great artistic and social importance” given the goals he seeks to achieve.

“Contemporaries of the Artists,” which can be visited from now until December, during regular museum opening hours, and as always free of charge ( It is distributed by Different rooms of the museumNext to works from the permanent collection. It includes works of different genres (Photography, video art, sculpture, installations…) by artists Alba J. Corral, Alba Sotora, Ariadna Barrio, Esther Ferrando, Gemma Klövent, Lydia Borkar, Marie Churda, Marialena Roque, Mariona Monconil, Montserrat Cortadillas, Montserrat Gomes, Nuria Rion Virgili, Roser Caminal, Raquel S. Ferreira and Vanessa B. The exhibition is produced by MAMT, with support from the state Ministry of Culture.

With the show it is Making women's actions visible Artists who were in MAMT's reserves and others are added through acquisition or loan with commitment to purchase. Contemporary artist is included A selection of artists with uniform training and profession within lines of research in contemporary languages ​​and with consideration and experience inside and outside the country. “The aim is to recover the authors in the collection as a whole and display them in a way that addresses the gender imbalance,” the curator stressed. Assumpta El Woroud, for her part, the President of the Regional Council indicated that this initiative “falls within the framework of the multiple actions of the Regional Council of Tarragona to highlight and enhance the presence of women in various fields of activity.”

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Throughout the year, Contemporary artist It will be complemented by parallel activities around the works, authors and the overall aim of the exhibition.

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