Detection of implosion by US classified systems

Detection of implosion by US classified systems

The chances of saving the five occupants of the submarine Titan weren’t there from the start. After four days of searching The wreckage of the mini-submarine was found a short distance from the wreck of the Titanic. “Catastrophic implosion,” explained the US Coast Guard commanders, possibly due to a loss of pressure. The disaster would have occurred shortly after the dive, at a depth of more than 3,000 metres. No agony, no death by suffocation in the darkness of the ocean depths: the victims would have died instantly.


Late in the morning of Thursday, June 22 (US time), the US Coast Guard announced the discovery of a “debris field” near the wreckage of the Titanic, thanks to the use of a ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle), which is a remote control device. The robot has been sent to clean the ocean floor.

Submarine Titan from OceanGate Cruises

Hopes that the five occupants would have survived after a period of oxygen reserves were now tenuous, but with the discovery of the wreck they were completely extinguished.

Before the experts officially transmitted the results of the discovery analysis, a member of the Explorers Club, David Merz, a friend of the British billionaire Harding and the French explorer Nargolet on board the submarine, told the BBC that Among the wreckage were pieces of Titan.

Announcement of implosion

Shortly thereafter, Guillermo Soehnlein, co-founder of OceanGate Expeditions, which organizes expeditions, expressed concerns that “instant collapse” Of the submarine: “When working at depth, the pressure is so great on a submarine that in the event of a malfunction, there could be an immediate implosion. If that had happened, it would have already happened four days ago.”

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According to the authorities, this could have already happened: “These wrecks are consistent with JAtrophic loss of chamber pressure. “My condolences go out to the families,” said Admiral John Mauger of the US Coast Guard.

To find the bodies of the victims, the chances are nil: “It’s an unforgiving environment out there, and there is no certainty that we will bring them back,” Mauger added.

Explosion detection

According to reconstructions published by The Wall Street Journal, it could have been the mini-submarine explosion Recorded by a classified US Army audio detection systemDesigned to locate enemy submarines.

Top-secret services would have discovered the event a few hours after the start of the submarine expedition.

The US Navy was activated as soon as the Hulk lost communications. And shortly after his disappearance, The system detected a sound that was suspected to be an implosion Close to where the wreck is located today.

A senior official told the Wall Street Journal: “The US Navy conducted an analysis of acoustic data and detected an anomaly consistent with an implosion or explosion in the vicinity of the submarine Titan’s workplace when communications were lost.”

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