Fire in the main port of Dubai

Authorities said civil defense teams had successfully brought the blaze under control.

City Press Service (DMO) Director General Mona Al-Marri, who spoke on television, said the fire was caused by an explosion in an environment. The accident was normal Because there are combustible materials in a container.

The DMO said there was no damage or injuries in the fire.

At least three residents in the area said doors and windows were violently shaken in the blast.

I was on my balcony. My friend saw something yellow happening like the sun. I took a picture and then we heard noise, Said Clemens Lefix, who was near the eruption. In the sky, at midnight, she released a picture of a bright orange light in front of buildings.

A resident of Madinah district, near the port, told AFP that he had. I saw the windows tremble. I have lived here for 15 years and this is the first time I have seen and heard something like this, He added.

Dubai Emirates is considered to be one of the seven wealthiest countries in the United Arab Emirates.

A prosperous port

Jebel Ali Port Terminal 2, Dubai

Photo: Reuters / Hamad I Mohammed

Jebel Ali Port is one of the top 10 ports in the world

About 8,000 companies are based in its free zone, which contributes 23% to Dubai’s GDP last year.

It is the largest trading area in the Middle East.

In 50 years, the Emirate has grown from a small port city to a regional crossroads for transportation, trade, tourism and financial services.

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Poor in oil, Dubai has a very different economy from the Arab Gulf countries, attracting workers from all over the world to different industries.

Of the approximately 3.3 million people living in this city-state known for its taste for consumption and luxury, more than 90% are foreigners.

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