The war in Ukraine, the government is now asking for Bitcoin donations on Twitter. It is not a scam

The war in Ukraine, the government is now asking for Bitcoin donations on Twitter.  It is not a scam

The first Bitcoin order to trade was the one posted on the @Ukraine Twitter account. It’s not an official government file but a tourism-related project that has been popular for publishing in recent days comments A cartoon about the invasion of Russia. One of the most recent is a cartoon of Adolf Hitler that completes a Russian President Vladimir Putin In the apprentice child version. The message is clear: “They fought with the Ukrainian people. Cryptocurrency donations are now accepted. BitcoinEthereum and USDT. Then two tokens, one for Bitcoin donations and one for Ethereum and USDT donations. We have seen hundreds of these messages in recent years.” at 2020 Similar messages appeared in a large-scale cyberattack that included Elon MuskTim Cook and Joe Biden.

Early responses to the message were reminiscent of these episodes, with many comments suggesting not to deposit Bitcoin. Among the many are also Vitalik Buterin, the Russian programmer who founded Ethereum. It was he himself who advised against depositing cryptocurrencies in order to avoid falling into scams. Then the confirmation: Several official accounts began tweeting that the request was legitimate and Buterin himself deleted his tweet to write another message: “I received some confirmations from two sources: the request is legitimate. You have now cleared my warning. Continue to be careful before sending cryptocurrencies.”

Help Letter to Elon Musk

Similar requests were also received from Mikhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine in charge of digital transformation. In another tweet, Fedorov commented, “The crypto community in Ukraine is ready to generously reward Russian and Belarusian politicians for any information on crypto wallets. The perpetrators of war crimes must be prosecuted and punished! ». Fedorov also requested direct intervention from Elon Musk: “While trying to colonize Mars, Russia is trying to colonize Ukraine.”

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