Melon in the US: “Ukrainians show us how to fight for freedom”

Melon in the US: “Ukrainians show us how to fight for freedom”

Ukraine is a “proud nation” that shows the whole world what the struggle for freedom means. “My delegation is clear on which side to stand: “Today is the time to unite and take a stand. And we know our side is the Western world.” While the latter trend then goes to the Chinese model “we all want the same.” Giorgia Meloni, taking the floor from the CPAC Theater, in Orlando, Florida, when she was in Italy just after 7 p.m. After visiting the stands at CPAC in Orlando, Florida last night, among the red berets – the color of Republican stars and stripes – with the words ‘Trump was right’ (‘Trump was right’), Georgia Meloni addresses the American conservatives who have invited her. And they (re) listen to it after 2019, when Trump was at the helm of the United States that Meloni didn’t mention today.Above all, there was no ongoing crisis of international importance like the one between Russia and Ukraine.

As soon as I got on stage, dressed in a white suit, someone shouted “Good Georgia”, she did not flinch and immediately replies: “They brought her to me from Italy …”. Then the conversation begins. Much of her speech, which lasted about ten minutes, in excellent English, is devoted by the leader of the Italian right to the war raging in Europe. First, honor the Ukrainian people. “Of course, as many of you will agree, no one gets out of my head that had it not been for the scandalous withdrawal of troops from Kabul yesterday, we would never have witnessed the tragic siege of Kiev today,” Meloni said at once, without fail to emphasize that the Western position is in International chess has raised some critical issues.

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Meloni quotes from the ancient Romans, “Si vis pacem, para bellum”

“Of course, no one will prepare to see Taiwan occupied tomorrow,” Meloni adds. “Because in foreign policy – he stresses – when it comes to defending strategic interests and core values, showing weakness is not an option. The ancient Romans said: ‘Si vis pacem, para bellum’, ‘If you want peace, prepare for war’.” From the Ukrainian crisis we turn to the identity of the conservatives. “Dear friends – he says – this is the second time I have been on this podium. The first time I have been invited here as the leader of the Brothers of Italy, a proud Italian conservative party. Today I address you in my capacity as the head of the European Conservative Party” of forty-four national parties and conservatives from Europe and the rest of the world, including the American Republican Party.” The applause was given to those present.

“You in America and we in Europe, and with us our friends from other continents, are proud of our identities and our idiosyncrasies – he asserts -. And we know that our adversary, on the other hand, works on a global scale, with the same methods and the same ideology to eliminate those identities and idiosyncrasies.” “We – she says proudly – do not want to be approved. We do not follow the mainstream. Every day an increasing number of our citizens choose not to give up, to rebel against their Chinese model, their fake news media, the politics. The right dictatorship ”, concludes the Italian leader . Tomorrow back to Rome.

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