Netflix lowers prices, but not for everyone: who will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity

Netflix lowers prices, but not for everyone: who will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity

Netflix decided to lower prices in some countries of the world. Let’s see the reasons for this choice and above all what are the areas involved

Netflix It has now invaded our lives and brightens up our days when we decide to stay home. there platform on demand With its innumerable contents, it has managed to attract all age groups and this over the years has ensured an exponential growth to say the least.

However, there are inevitably some critical issues that Colossus had to deal with like that one Share an account. For this reason, one of the goals for 2023 is precisely to combat this phenomenon in addition to presenting Advertising subscription For those who do not intend to spend a lot on streaming TV.

In which countries has Netflix lowered its prices and what is the situation in Italy?

but this is not all. Among other moves he made in the shop Netflix There is a monthly cost increase in many of the 190 countries where the service is available. However, at another 30, the exact opposite will happen and you’ll pay less. To give the news of reducing the cost of subscriptions was Wall Street Journalbut the confirmation also came from a spokeswoman for the company who also stressed the importance of improving the user experience.

However, at the moment, there are no specific details regarding the prices and countries interested in the reduction. According to rumors about this, this should happen in Iran, Jordan, Yemen, Libya, Kenya, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Venezuela, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Croatia, Philippines, Slovenia, Bulgaria and some South American countries.

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and in Italy? Apparently, at the moment there is no discount, not even for the future. This is because Bel Paese already has a mature market and there is no need to implement counter moves to grow customers. However, there are no specific numbers to support this thesis since Netflix Recently, it has never reported the exact number of its subscribers in individual countries. One way to avoid having to justify each month’s decline or growth.

The last update goes back to mid October 2021 When he mentioned it in Italy There were about 4 million subscribers. In all likelihood, there are a lot of them today, but it obviously doesn’t matter because there will be no price changes.

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