interest-bearing bonds

interest-bearing bonds

There is news about Poste Italiane and interest bearing bonds. What has been happening in the last few hours.

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The good fruiting from Post office Italian They are back on the market and it seems to be of great interest to the Italian citizens and users, who have always been very attentive to the savings schemes. The ability to win a nest egg can become crucial especially in times of uncertainty and fear of the future new generations. In the past they held big surprises for those who saved and then found themselves a small safe to cash in after a few years of waiting and some sacrifices. Children and grandchildren often enjoyed the fruits. right Now Post office Italian It has provided a new tool that is likely to attract many customers and is a novelty compared to the previous tools. But it seems that something will not come back.

This is why Poste Italiane might be in trouble

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There is a gallery, however, that specifically matters Postal savings bonds. To present it Adiconsum Sardinia, And it’s really about the alleged misconduct he used Italian Post: On the table there will be unfair business practices that have ended up at the center of reporting by the authority. How did all this happen? It was Sardinian savers who denounced everything and put the Italian Post Office in trouble. Antitrust You will have room to understand if Poste “forgot” at the placement stage to enter a reference to the expiration date or the date of describing the securities. Furthermore, you should check whether the broker has shared information regarding the legal risks arising from describing securities. He will also have to check if he has failed to disclose to customers any coupons that have expired in the past five years. They are what are called “5 x 5 postage slips”.

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Interest-bearing bonds, how do they work

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Coupon efficacy guaranteed condition. It was released by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti. It is subscribed and paid for with a subsidized fee of 12.50 percent. Interest-bearing bonds can be made for minors up to age at 16 years old. In digital form, the Small and Good Savings plan project or by parents can be subscribed to. Post offices can be subscribed but also separately. It is clear that the responsibility of the parent/guardian is necessary to use the Minor Child Handbook.

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