France votes, Macron leads Le Pen, ‘France and the European Union are at stake’ – Europe

France votes, Macron leads Le Pen, ‘France and the European Union are at stake’ – Europe

“Nothing has been decided yet, what will happen in the next 15 days is crucial for France and Europe.” Emmanuel Macron leads Marine Le Pen after the first round of the French presidential election, but everything, as always, will be decided in the ballot on April 24. “You can count on me,” said the president, who was lauded by his hardliners at the Porte de Versailles in Paris, and pleaded with his compatriots of all political backgrounds to cut the road to the far right. Macron got the full vote tonight, 4% more than when he was elected in 2017, and kept his distance from Le Pen. But everything can be called into question within 15 days, and if the outgoing leader – with 28.4% against 23.4% of the rival – can count on the support of a large part of the right and left, analysts’ calculations say on Marine Le Pen’s website. She will meet with at least 7% more votes than she accepted in the challenge 5 years ago: the votes of Eric Zemmour, who urged her supporters tonight to vote for her. However, the first polls on April 24 reward Macron: according to Le Parisien’s Ipsos Sopra Steria study, he will be reconfirmed at the Elysee with 54% of voting intentions.

The advantage that Ifop-Fiducial attributes to him for TF1/LCI/ParisMatch/SudRadio: 51 to 49 is more narrow. The moderate left, led by its Socialist Party candidate Anne Hidalgo, sadly by 2%. On the other hand, the popular victory highlights Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the platform of the radical left, which climbed more than 20% for the first time to third place. Most of all, it cast off the fears of those who considered it possible that a few of his followers would not vote for Le Pen as an anti-Macron: “The vote shouldn’t even go to Marine Le Pen!” , shouted from the stage 4 times delighting his followers .. his supporters.

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The opposite atmosphere is in the home of far-right polemicist Eric Zemmour, which has fallen in a few weeks from 16% (he was face to face with Le Pen at first) to the 7% already collected in the polls. He paid for his pro-Russian claims, but primarily lost the bet to replace the head of the National Rally as the leader of the far-right. Le Pen earned his votes three times despite the unsuccessful journey of some of his lieutenants – including his niece Marion Marechal – to join Reconquete! , movement created by Zemmour. Tonight, she seemed confident of herself when she appealed to the French “from all feelings”, “for all those who did not vote for Macron” to “join this great national and popular gathering.” Other results above all describe dramatic defeats, such as the loss of Valerie Pecres, the first woman to run for the new Galilee Républicains, which fell from 16-17% initially to 5% tonight. His predecessor at the Elysee, François Fillon, although crippled by the scandal of parliamentary collaborators, had won by 20% five years ago. More awaits him, because it was announced by the polls weeks ago, the 2% of Anne Hidalgo, mayor of socialist Paris, who predicted her defeat in recent days by declaring the need to re-establish the Socialist Party.

Environmentalists are bad, too, with Yannick Gadot running below the 5% threshold in the midst of the climate emergency which was the most overlooked topic of the campaign trail. On the left, more than ever, only Melenchon remained, who launched the attempt to take possession of the left, and proposed himself as the guide of the new “People’s Pole”. As the French repeat on the evening of the first round, the battle of the second round has already begun. On Macron’s front, we’re looking at the challenge live on TV that should be confirmed in about ten days. Five years ago, this debate saw him emerge as the undisputed winner, as Marine Le Pen appeared unarmed with arguments before all of France. He ranked 66th to 34th, but times have changed. And even if Valerie Pecres says she will vote for him, the massive New Galilee tank suffered a defection with 15% of the vote, which could partly end up in Le Pen. The battle is still long, and the ghost of Le Pen is still far from defeated.

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Riots broke out in the evening in the center of Rin and LeonSeveral hundred people gathered when the results of the first round of the French presidential election were announced, causing damage. About 500 people, mostly young people, marched in the streets of Rennes, chanting anti-capitalist and anti-fascist slogans. Street furniture was destroyed and bank branch windows were damaged. In a downtown square, a fire was ignited with materials from construction sites that required the intervention of firefighters. The police intervened late this evening to disperse the demonstration.

Emmanuel Macron expects a big outdoor uprising next week in MarseilleThe great port in southern France on the Mediterranean: this is what Le Figaro writes. The main candidate, who took the lead yesterday, with 27.6% of the preferences in the first round of the Elysee race, ahead of Marine Le Pen (23.41%), intends to double the moves and interventions in the media in light of the April 24 vote. On April 20, the two candidates will compete on television for a traditional showdown before the vote.

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