The Russian-Ukrainian crisis, the combined US and EU response against Moscow

(Teleborsa) – It’s an answer grow and accumulate who am i to twenty seven Response to the Russian decision to recognize The independence of two Ukrainian separatist republics and the dispatch of soldiers to the region. Kiev, Meanwhile, he’s defending himself Integrity accuses the Kremlin: “They want to revive the Soviet Union, but we are ready to defend ourselves, we will face losses, but we will win.” But P.Oten denies: “We don’t want to rebuild an empire.”

At the end of the Ministerial Forum on the Indo-Pacific in Paris, the position taken by the High Representative for Foreign Policy of the European Union also arrived.Josep Borrell: “I know the focus is on the disturbing developments on the eastern border“A black day in the history of Europe. There are clouds casting a shadow over our political environment.”

“I want first of all to express My strong condemnation of the decision of the Russian government recognition of the separatist territory of Donbas Prime Minister Mario Draghi In opening his speech at the inauguration of Franco Frattini of the Council of State, emphasizing that “It is an unacceptable violation of democratic sovereignty and territorial integrity” Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the President of the United States Joe Biden In the meantime, it has already signed the Executive Order to stop investments and economic and financial activities in Donbass, after recognizing Luhansk and Donetsk. The Executive Order prohibits investment, trade, and new financing by US citizens in or from the so-called republics of Donetsk and Luhansk. This order also gives the power to “impose sanctions against anyone who is determined to operate in those areas of Ukraine”. The memo from the White House specifies that “these measures are outdated and will be an addition to… Rapid and severe economic measures that we prepare in coordination with Allies and partners if Russia invades Ukraine.

The Russian-German gas pipeline “Nord Stream 2” will not be subject to European sanctions, but Chancellor Olaf Schultz has decided to suspend its entry into operation. Speaking in Berlin, he announced that he had frozen the certification process for the plant.

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ready too Great Britain Announcing one already today “The first barrage of economic sanctions against Russia” “They are going to do a lot of damage,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said at the conclusion of the extraordinary meeting of the Cobra Committee. Therefore, an “immediate package of international sanctions” is ready after Putin.He completely overturned international law.”

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