JB, Johnson and staff photos with wine in Downing Street during the 2020 lockdown

voices Evento sociale a Downing Street On May 15, 2020, it was rejected in recent days by the Prime Minister’s spokesperson, who explained: The employees work in the garden in the afternoon and in the evening. Posted by guardianHowever, it raises doubts at least.

Johnson is seated at an outdoor table with his wife Carrie and two others, with bottles of wine and cheese on display. A little further away is another table with four people and more wine. While they were in the garden, nine others were standing around a table, with alcohol, all close to each other. In an objectively calm atmosphere, e Not from a business meeting.

The same guardian, along with‘does not depend on, he had already given the news of the meeting in the garden on May 15. According to his sources, the prime minister spent about 15 minutes with the crew, explaining that they deserved Drink to “reject” Covid.

and about twenty employees, on that occasion, They drank wine and spirits and ate pizza. All this after a press conference by Matt Hancock in which the then health secretary urged citizens to respect the rules and not take advantage of the good weather during the May weekend for socializing in groups. The photo sparked opposition protests.

For Labor II, Angela Rayner, it’s one ‘one’ A slap in the face of the British public‘, and ‘the prime minister constantly shows us that he doesn’t mind the rules he sets for the rest of us.’ For Johnson, sure, that was one of the worst weeks.

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Because in a few days he had to collect Loss of a historic stronghold for conservatives After a humiliating electoral defeat in a by-election and above all an internal branch of the Conservative Party with a hundred deputies voted against the plan B launched by the government to address the health crisis.

As if that wasn’t enough, his minister and chief Brexit negotiator, David Frost, has resigned over it. “Disappointed” From Downing Street Covid policies. He left the government in disarray on the eve of complex new negotiations with Brussels over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Loyal to Johnson – who was once called “the greatest frost since 1709” as he pronounces his nickname, which means “frost”, and the coldest winter in European history – the former Brexit negotiator now leaves a huge void. In a letter to the Prime Minister, he spoke of the “concern for the direction” taken by the government and disappointment with coercive policies Downing Street has implemented it, particularly in terms of Covid restrictions, climate and taxes.

“The country must learn to live with Covid,” Lord Frost is convinced, of the need for “more agile” policies. Pogo admitted his resignation, saying he was “extremely sorry”, while Foreign Secretary Liz Truss took charge of the Brexit bid. A forgotten week for the Prime Minister.

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