Whichever direction one goes, there is no hope!

Whichever direction one goes, there is no hope!

In Sweden, in a garden, there are three very disturbing signs: here is what they read and why none of these three signs is heartwarming!

Sweden is a country full of many attractions ranging from its fascinating history and culture to natural wonders. The capital, Stockholm, is known for its beauty and uniqueness. Exploring the Old Town (Gamla Stan), the Royal Palace, the Vasa Museum that houses a well-preserved 17th-century warship, and enjoying a boat tour of the archipelago’s islands is almost a must for anyone visiting the nation. The second largest city in Sweden is Gothenburg instead: it offers such attractions as Liseberg, one of the largest amusement parks in Europe, and the Haga district with its narrow streets and cafés.

Then there’s Malmö, famous for its stunning Öresund Tower building, Malmöhaus Castle, and Västra Hamnen, known for its modern, sustainable architecture. In Swedish Lapland, you can instead visit Kiruna, Sweden’s northernmost city, and even stay at the Icehotel, a hotel built entirely of ice and snow that makes you shudder at the thought of it. In general, the nation is known for its natural beauty. One can explore the northern regions to see the northern lights and the midnight sun, or visit the country’s gorgeous forests, lakes, and coastlines.

Gotland (an island in the Baltic Sea known for its charming medieval towns and picturesque beaches), Sarek National Park (ideal destination for hiking and trekking, with stunning views, mountains and rivers), lakes and Gripsholm Castle (located in Mariefred) round out the country’s main attractions . however…

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Sweden, a triptych of troubling signs appears in a park: whatever you choose, you’re wrong!

Sweden has a lot to offer, both for those interested in history and culture, and for those looking for adventure and natural beauty. Activities and attractions may vary according to the season, so it pays to start your trip according to your own interests and preferences. Moreover, in hidden corners – perhaps not among those mentioned above, but referring to less touristy places – strange “messages” may appear. In particular, in the post we are considering today from Instagram user rrt_slv, a trio of signs appeared … scary!

Source: Instagramrrrt_slv

There is only one possible trend in these three: anxiety. Scary though it is, it’s actually just a resort in Likseli, Sweden. Thus, the signs respectively indicate the area where camping tents are pitched, one to take advantage of a gentle swim along the river and the other to stop at a restaurant. Are you going to a place called that?

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