March 31, 2023

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Classic games seem to hit 50Hz, even in non-PAL regions, and that’s a problem –

Sony has started making the new device available PS Plus in the Asian region. This means that part of the world has access to new games, including those Playstation classics. VGC ran some tests with an oriental account and came to the conclusion that the games will go at 50 Hzeven in non-PAL regions.

VGC confirmed that everything Sony’s first party games for PlayStation In the “Classic” menu in PS Plus Premium, it is in the European version, that is, the 50Hz PAL version, this means that the games go at 25 frames per second instead of 30 frames per second. These checks were performed with a Taiwanese computation, usually the NTSC region suggesting 60 Hz.

This leads VGC to believe that Sony’s plan is to deliver all over the world PAL version of classic games. Obviously, at the moment we do not have a definitive confirmation and we do not know how the classic European catalog of PS Plus Premium will be managed until June 23, 2022.

Below you can watch a video showing an analysis of Monkey escape frame rate On the PlayStation version that runs via PS5. The FPS is fixed at 25.

Finally, we remind you that we have had the opportunity to see the list of PS Plus Extra and Deluxe games for the Asian market.

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