The Wall Street Journal: “Agreement between the United States and Saudi Arabia regarding the recognition of Israel.” Biden fears the role of China and forgets about Khashoggi

The Wall Street Journal: “Agreement between the United States and Saudi Arabia regarding the recognition of Israel.”  Biden fears the role of China and forgets about Khashoggi

administration Biden joins the trail left by his predecessor, Donald TrumpAnd from him Abraham Accords And clears the way for the signature, according to the irregularity published Wall Street Journalthan agree with Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to confess Israel This reflects certain conditions that the crown prince has already made clear in the past Mohammed bin Salman. All of this takes place at a completely unfavorable historical moment, at least on paper: the imperfect relations between the President and “pariah state” The Gulf, as he himself defined it, Washington’s unfulfilled promises in the search for truth and justice for the journalist. Jamal Khashoggithe Chinese “blitzkrieg” in the Gulf that allowed the first historic rapprochement between them Riyadh And Tehran Finally, the most right-wing government in the history of Israel is oppressing the Palestinian population. But the realpolitik It clearly triumphed over the weakness of principles even openly expressed by world powers.

And according to what was written by the American newspaper “Business” daily, which quoted US officials, Saudi Arabia accepted the “general lines” of an agreement with the United States that provided for recognition of Israel in exchange for Privileges by the Jewish state of the Palestinians, Security guarantees The United States and aid for development Riyadh nuclear energy for civil purposes. Nothing has been detailed at this time, but sources say Washington is hoping to come up with a signature on a well-defined plan within the next year. A spokesman for the US National Security Council indicated that “there are ongoing discussions,” but “there is still work to be done before reaching a framework for normalizing relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel.” John Kirbyin a telephone interview with a small group of reporters.

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the first an agreement However, he had already arrived after meeting last month a grandmother Between the heir to the Saudi throne and the US National Security Adviser, Jake SullivanA few days after the words of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahuwhich he said was available to some Privileges In the name of closer relations between the Jewish state and the Gulf kingdom. which interests him the most Al Saud It is about the development of nuclear energy for civilian purposes, as well as more security guarantees. Saudi Arabia is also seeking difficult concessions from Israel to create one Palestinian state. This, however, will cost them a step back in relations with Beijingwhich forcefully entered a historically disputed area between the United States and Russia.

This recreates the scheme that Donald Trump and his son-in-law thought up, Jared Kushnerwhich provided for a gradual rapprochement between the Gulf states and North Africa, including The United Arab EmiratesAnd the two seas And Morocco, in Israel. All this with the intention of isolating what Riyadh and Tel Aviv see as possible, and at this stage and despite the statements at the beginning of the mandate, also by Washington, as the main adversary in the region: Iranally Russia And Syria. Especially after trying it Beijing To enter the regional conflict, stimulate dialogue between the main rivals in the region, and thus give an impetus to the United States, increasingly to get out of the game after the disengagement has already begun under Trump.

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It remains to be seen whether this agreement may appeal to a subject far from the margins: the Palestinian people. It is not clear what concessions Riyadh is demanding from Tel Aviv, but the fact remains that these concessions will come in one of the darkest periods in the modern history of relations between Israel and Palestine, with violence He was born after the establishment of the current executive authority that has already caused the deaths of more than 100 Palestinians. A situation that has repeatedly prompted the Saudi government to publicly condemn Israeli actions. In this sense, such an agreement would also show a backward step on the part of Riyadh, which has always ruled out the possibility of reaching an agreement with Israel before the establishment of a recognized Palestinian state.

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