USA, “Poker” for all blacks. Cowell still shines

USA, “Poker” for all blacks.  Cowell still shines

The Americans are the first to take the pass to the quarterfinals. The New Zealanders walked away with goals from Wolfe, Che, Bekstas and the 19-year-old San Jose Earthquakes striker

Four goals, casual, lots of gameplay and quick access to the quarter-finals for the Stars and Stripes kids. The gap was too great against New Zealand who only stayed in the game for an hour thanks to the heavy emaciation of Varas’s sons. The first Final Eight is decided by goals from Wolfe, Coyle, Che and Bekstas, who catapult the USA team toward a match against the winner from Gambia-Uruguay. All Blacks was condemned by Sims’ completely flawless horror defense.

Use it on velvet

Use it to court with the best possible triple javelin, with Cowell and Wolff on the outside lanes to exploit their speed and ability to attack spaces. Surprisingly no Vargas in the middle, since Varas prefers a midfielder more dedicated to dribbling with Edelman and McGlynn. Bazeley responds to a more shallow 4-2-3-1, because (thanks to the USA’s sheer strength in ball possession) the team almost immediately ditches to a 4-5-1 that relies on defense and counterattack. While New Zealand’s strategy leaves the initiative to the Americans on the one hand, on the other hand, it still managed to produce two great chances in the first 12 minutes with the former bomb Garbett (which was countered by a defender) and Herdman (diagonally choked with a small space). But New Zealand’s plans were blown up by a sweet gift from Sims, who in the 14th minute misjudged a right-footed shot from outside Wolfe that was aimed at the bottom corner. For the United States, the way is clear. Had it not been for the crossbar blocking Surman’s rebound from Wiley’s cross after just six minutes, the match would likely have ended early. Instead, we still have to wait for three great chances and the 61st minute, when Coyle corners Sims with a left foot at the far post. It is in fact the surrender of the Alla Blacks, who dance with the rush of each opponent, also scoring the third and fourth goals between 75′ and 82′ by Che (two-step tapping) and Pukstas (close-up shot after an empty exit by Sims).

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The best

A game without history in Mendoza because the United States has proven its superiority both tactically and qualitatively. The usual Coyle stands out, followed closely by some Italian clubs. SJ Earthquakes’ swift outer attack once again unleashed the combination of strength and speed that had impressed him in the first stage. Impregnable until today, a real thorn in the opponent’s defense. Wolfe also played well and above all McGlynn, the 19-year-old Philadelphia Union center back who dictated times and rhythms, also giving many goals to his teammates.

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