The Volkswagen ID.7 is the German company’s first three-volume electric sedan

The Volkswagen ID.7 is the German company’s first three-volume electric sedan

Volkswagen has officially revealed the ID.7, an electric sedan built on the MQB platform that would give the Tesla Model 3 a hard time, and it will arrive in Italy by the end of the year.

And while Europe continues to question e-fuels and bio-fuels, Volkswagen Rapidly advancing on its electric career, it officially unveils the sedan that it represents, the ID.7, which promises more than 700 km of autonomy (in the WLTP cycle). In short, this should be it Volkswagen electrical maturity.

The German company has bet everything on aerodynamic efficiency and autonomy, without neglecting the dynamic qualities. there VW ID.7 It will be offered in two versions: Pro and Pro S, both of which are equipped with the same electric motor of the new generation 286 hp With a couple up to 550 Nmwhich transmits power to the rear wheels.

the new VW ID.7 Definitely located in F slice. Although the competitor in the market is Tesla Model 3dimensions ID.7 It is even easier to compare with Tesla Model S height that patronize i 5 metres The width is approaching 1.9 meters In fact, they are the leading sizes.

to’to rise superior to 1.5 metres and wheelbase approx 10 ft Finally, it ensures enough space for everyone to rest 5 passengers. But the excellent spaciousness is also evident in the trunk, which has a minimum volume 532 liters.

ID.7: modern and essential

The automaker claims it has worked hard onAerodynamics for its new model. The result is a sc of 0.23. In the foreground we find Headlights with a thin LED strip For daytime running lights and direction indicators integrated in the upper section. An LED strip joins the headlights. below, in the bumper, Side slits towards the wheel arches.

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But in the back we find Optical units with horizontal development. A new one is available among the options Panoramic roof with glass which pass electronically From transparent to dark And vice versa. The glass can be dimmed via the touch controls on the console or viaVoice assistant.

However, the biggest change becomes apparent once you get on board, from the driver’s side onwards. The dashboard made of soft, quilted material is nothing new, as are the LED strips that change color to your liking. What catches the eye instead is the screen behind the steering wheel rim and 15 inch large screen who manages the infotainment system. there VW ID.7 It will arrive at the end of 2023 in Italy and its price should be approx 55,000 euros.

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