Today’s calendar, Sunday, September 3: The longstanding friendship between the United States and San Marino

Today’s calendar, Sunday, September 3: The longstanding friendship between the United States and San Marino

It happened today

On September 3, 1777, during the American Revolutionary War, the Battle of Coach’s Bridge took place. According to legend, the flag with the stars and stripes was first flown on that occasion. The war ended six years later, on September 3, 1783, when London and the United States signed the Treaty of Paris. The new state attracted the sympathy and hopes of republicans and liberals from all over Europe. Including that small country that has always boasted of the title of “the oldest republic in the world”: San Marino, which was born on September 3, 301. Many years later, in 1861, when the White House arrived Abraham LincolnAmong the thousands of letters of good wishes was also the letter of the Regent of San Marino, who – in somewhat slurred English – also proposed an alliance with the United States. Lincoln was very impressed. He sent a letter that began thus: “Wonderful and good friends. Although the sphere of your dominion is small, your country is nonetheless one of the most honored in all history.” (Luigi Gaetani)

born today

Ferdinand Porsche, born September 3, 1875, Austrian engineer and businessman who acquired German citizenship

Irene Papas, September 3, 1929, Greek actress

Paolo Sereno Pomicino, born September 3, 1939, politician and physician

Mario Draghi, born September 3, 1947, is an economist, general manager, banker and politician

Brunello Cucinelli, September 3, 1953, businessman and fashion designer

Marco Baldini, born September 3, 1959, radio announcer and television personality

Gianni Kuprello, September 3, 1961, Politician

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Charlie Sheen, September 3, 1965, American actor

Natalia Estrada, September 3, 1972, Spanish actress, dancer and presenter

Paz de la Huerta, September 3, 1984, is an American actress and model

dead today

Oliver Cromwell, 3 September 1658, English soldier and politician

Edward Estlin Cummings (born September 3, 1962) is an American poet, painter, and photographer

Ho Chi Minh, born September 3, 1969, is a Vietnamese revolutionary and politician

Carlo Alberto from the churchSeptember 3, 1982, Dean and Governor

Gaetano Scirea, September 3, 1989, football player

Frank Capra, born September 3, 1991, is an Italian film director, screenwriter and producer

Ferruccio Amendola, September 3, 2001, actor and voice actor

Steve Fossett, September 3, 2007, American pilot, navigator and adventurer.

Saint of the day

Saint Gregory the Great, Pope. Along with Saints Jerome, Augustine, and Ambrosius, he is considered one of the four great teachers of the Western Church. Born into a wealthy family, he became the sixty-fourth bishop of Rome in 590, and began an important work of renovation in the organization of the church. He died on March 12, 604 and his remains rest in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

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