More than 7,000 people visit the mineral and fossil exhibition in the Les Cotxeres de Sants hall

More than 7,000 people visit the mineral and fossil exhibition in the Les Cotxeres de Sants hall

This weekend was celebrated again International Exhibition of Minerals, Fossils and Cut Stonesorganized by the Sants neighborhood entity, Catalan Mineral Group. this year, More than 7000 people They passed through the hall of Les Cotxeres de Sants to enjoy this semi-annual exhibition.

The exhibition opened its doors on Friday 1 March and was open to everyone throughout the weekend. Frederick Varelapresident of the Catalan metal group, comments that there was “Lots of general flow“And there was a bit of a waiting list at one point. “Saturday and Sunday are the strongest days, and it's over Very liquid and very good“Varela said.

Les Cotxeres de Sants hall has about thirty booths, mostly metal but there are also fossils and cut stones. in Domingo It is one of the newest exhibitions in Metal Gallery, has been involved for about five years, but stresses that they always do a good job here. “We present fossils from all over the world. We used to come to the exhibition that used to take place in Montjuïc, at Expominer, and now we come here in Cotxeres de Sants,” says Domingo.

The fair features exhibitors selling minerals and fossils, but they also promote several workshops to make it more attractive Promote the dissemination of science. Frederic Varela comments that the group wanted to strengthen this year's performance Workshopswhich focuses on children, but also on adults.

About the scientific publishing workshops Mark Buda I've paid two different ones. “We brought a little exhibition called Sensitive metals“We explain that there are some minerals that are of great importance to the world of contemporary technology, especially for mobile phones,” explains Mark, who adds that they are minerals that “from the time we take them out of the mine until they reach our mobile phones, everything is pulled by a series of Environmental, social and geopolitical problems…”.

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On the other hand, they also have a second workshop with a metal kiln. “We're taking some precious samples of a mineral called… malachiteWe heat it up 1100 degrees And we convert it to Metallic copper“, comments Mark Boada. This is how they show who they are High temperature chemical processes Which allows us to obtain all the very important minerals found in our lives.

This fair is always held in the Sants region, where the headquarters of the Catalan metal group is also located. Its president confirms the connection that links them to the neighborhood, and confirms that they consider themselves “another part of it.” Saints“Next year we will 50th anniversary And we've been here for 50 years, and we've always had locals here in the neighborhood, and We love him very much, saints“Varela said.

In fact, the galleries that participate in this exhibition also hold it Very positively Environment and neighborhood. Domingo says they always do very good work here and that he personally likes the Saints neighborhood very much. “It's a neighbourhood-like neighborhood Small town“Like where I come from in the northern areas of Castillo,” Domingo says.

Catalan Mineral Group has also seen board movement in recent weeks. Frederick Varela He assumed the presidency of the group last January, succeeding L John Russell, which has been for the past four years. However, Varela had already been president for six years, just before Rosell. Frederic Varela comments that he returns to the head of the group with a desire to research New challengesalways trying to do “exhibitions, publishing, workshops, conferences or mineral excursions”.

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