Garelli Ciclone, the all-Italian who takes you far: because everyone wants it

Garelli Ciclone, the all-Italian who takes you far: because everyone wants it

Garelli is one of Italy’s most beloved companies, and now Ciclone is ready to get back on the road, but in very different forms.

Bel Paese has certainly never lacked the strength to create a series of exceptional companies from an automotive point of view. As soon as the First World War ended, the brilliant company was born in Sesto San Giovanni, in the province of Milan Jarelli, A legend for all two-wheeler enthusiasts.

Garelli Ciclone the new Italian model (

there Jarelli It has managed to conquer the public over the years thanks to a series of exceptional models, which are also able to make themselves known in the racing world. The bike that has certainly managed to achieve the most extraordinary success is definitely the one tornado, The model that made Italians go crazy with joy.

The first time it went on sale was in 1977. It was a motorcycle that had drum brakes and two shock absorbers, although there was never a fairing. In total there were five gears regulating the speed, a project that continued until 1997. Jarelli He led the company to close, before being reborn in 2018 with the extraordinary launch of a new special edition of tornado.

This time it would have been a completely different reality compared to the past, although aesthetically we tried to remember the past version a lot. The current new version is certainly among the most sought after and has gone electric with great performance and above all, a fact that makes it highly appreciated.

Garelli Ciclone: ​​among the best in terms of autonomy

there Jarelli So we restart again with tornado Moving to two wheels with zero impact seems to be the winning choice. This motorcycle is presented to the public in small dimensions, measuring 167 cm in length, 75 cm in width and 82 cm in height.

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Garelli Ciclon, the new electric version
Gareli Cyclone (Gareli Press Media –

It is an all-round motorcycle that is comparable to 50cc bikes in thermal versions, with the motorcycle able to produce a maximum of 2.72 hp of power, thanks to the engine. 2 kw Bosch. The weight is 66 kg, and to be able to get this particular motorcycle, you need a total cost of 66 kg 3149 euros.

But what to make Jarelli One of the most beloved companies in the world of electricity is the fact that it has proven to be one of the best performers in terms of autonomy. First of all, its battery is very resistant, in fact it can complete a total of 800 charging cycles.

The battery is removable and is 48 volt Samsung The moment you decide to boost your charge level to 100%, there you go Jarelli Cyclone We will be able to reach a peak of 120 km of autonomy. However, a motorcycle needs time to be able to reach maximum control, in fact you will be able to go from 0 to 100% with Fast charger In total 4 hours.

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