Sonia Broganelli and Bonolis, Laura Freddy bombshell: “How’s it going”

Sonia Broganelli and Bonolis, Laura Freddy bombshell: “How’s it going”

It seems that despite the separation Sonia Broganelli And Paul Bonolis So close and close. But is it really so? The former partner of the conductor Mediaset is now speaking Laura Cold who over the years becomes Sonya’s friend. In an interview with deerFreddy explained that when she found out about Bonolis and his ex-wife’s choice to annul the marriage, she was devastated because she was convinced they would never leave each other: “Let’s just say that after all these long years I didn’t expect it,” he said.

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When they reported the breakup, I was inundated with newspaper calls, offering me covers and articles to see what I thought. I dismissed everything and immediately called Sonya saying, ‘Look, if something comes out that’s not what I’m saying’, she reassured me.

Now the two are still very united: “They are two smart people who know how to protect their children, and despite the separation, they have a special relationship that leads them to stay together anyway. The rest is all talk and people give very superficially.” Laura Freddy concluded that judgments without understanding that they can hurt people.

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