“The vaccine has destroyed our immune system,” is the thesis that infuriates science

“The vaccine has destroyed our immune system,” is the thesis that infuriates science

Nmemo 16 minutes ago on Teo
The scientific community should not be angry. If there is something, he must prove the opposite. The cases of vaccinated people experiencing serious side effects cannot be underestimated.

Madan25 9 minutes ago on Teo
Perhaps, as someone familiar with this work, I would suggest that the burden of proving it falls on those who advance a thesis, rather than the other way around. Otherwise, we would return to the principle of authority, and abolish the scientific method all at once.

a respectful person 18 minutes ago on Teo
What a mess… I’ve had 3 vaccines and feel great, and the same goes for everyone around me (I’ll do some begging, just to be safe 😂). However, almost anything is possible, but it must be proven scientifically, on samples of sufficient size and with reproducible results. Otherwise it’s another outburst from someone who wants to show off.

ANK88 24 minutes ago on Tio channel
“Don’t get vaccinated, you get sick, you die” they said 😂 Proud to be Novax 💪

f85 26 minutes ago on Teo
“Time, as they say, is an unforgiving gentleman. Those who have not yet understood will never understand, or rather, will never understand if they do not want to. There are countless serious and authoritative sources that over the years have made dramatic statements.” To worry, but as we said, there are those who cannot understand it for one reason or another, and those who can understand but prefer to adopt the ostrich policy.

Wow, what stuff 33 minutes ago on Tio channel
Proud not to fall into the trap!! And for 1000 other reasons, a separate article: Goodbye to vaccination

Elissa_S 26 minutes ago on Teo

Junygood 1 minute ago on Teo
Goodbye to the vaccine?? Vileness incarnate… I’ve never understood why anti-vaxxers would rejoice if something happened to those who were vaccinated… It’s really sad. I’ve been vaccinated, but I never wanted an anti-vaxxer to get sick or die… This supposed intellectual superiority of anti-vaxxers is cloying.

Lilo 37 minutes ago on Tio channel
In fact before 2020 no one got sick, everyone was healthy, when you don’t know how to get people talking about you and you are making a big deal

Elissa_S 41 minutes ago on Tio channel
Children are getting sick frequently this year…but I don’t know if they have been vaccinated…Dear doctor…can you enlighten us? Or maybe the reason for social isolation is valid for them?

Nico66 41 minutes ago on Tio channel
How sleepy 🫢

Moose 44 minutes ago on Tio channel
There are no clear studies and there will not be regardless, because “science” (all of it) a priori rejects a similar thesis. Those few serious scientists who even tried to open the (scientific) conversation were immediately ridiculed and banned by the entire scientific community with a real witch hunt and even if it were true that the (experimental) vaccine could have negatively affected the immune system, others would be found. the reasons. Vaccines will never be questioned. However, going and asking who approved and promoted vaccines doesn’t seem like a great idea to me…

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Terrassas 24 minutes ago on Tio channel
The correct discourse of science is to always know how to question what has been gained in the light of new hypotheses. But because there is business behind it and a lot of stupid scientists/mercenaries, everything is silenced/misdirected

Elissa_S 44 minutes ago on Tio channel
Is it perhaps that our immune system is untrained because we have been placed under a bell glass for so long? However, in theory, shouldn’t the vaccine stimulate antibody production? I would say before venturing to conclusions that we wait at least until the next 2024 season.

UserTio 52 minutes ago on Tio channel
If these people were from Swissmedic, they would not, even when faced with a dead person who had been shot, say that was the reason if it was not appropriate. At the same time, there are those who were vaccinated and died, and there are those who were not vaccinated and died, and no one wanted to investigate them at all.

Nina 55 minutes ago on Teo
Anti-vaccinators will go crazy with joy 😜😂

Thursday58 43 minutes ago on Tio channel
If I were to agree to the vaccination, I would be concerned. And a lot too.

zoeback 39 minutes ago on Tio channel
Eh beta nina beta…no fax? There is no party…

Junygood 20 minutes ago on Teo
It is unfortunate that those who wanted to get vaccinated but were unable to do so because the vaccine was not available are now dead and no longer even have a chance to worry. However, I can assure you that they would have been happy to have had that interest. But the article says unequivocally: There is no epidemiological data proving that there were large waves of infections after or during the Covid years. Given the spread of mRNA vaccines around the world, such a situation could not have gone unnoticed…more clearly than that.

Golf67 15 minutes ago on Teo
Where did it happen that the vaccine was not available and they died? Are we talking about Switzerland or somewhere else?

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