January 28, 2023

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The fourth edition of Science Week is underway

The fourth edition of Science Week is underway

Everything is ready on the campus of Sylos Fiore High School in Terlizzi for its regular January date with Science Week, now in its fourth edition.
The cycle of conferences, which will start on January 10, aims to continue to promote scientific publishing in the school context by discussing topics of special and objective importance that affect man in his individual and social dimension, without neglecting the contributions of the various. Different disciplines and knowledge to understand the current objectives of the advancement of scientific and technological research and its applications in the most diverse fields.
The comparison with experts from the world of academia, institutions, research, and medicine aims to enhance the interest and passion of young people in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and more generally, for scientific culture, and to highlight the knowledge of students and students in a way that goes beyond the school environment with a clear orientation towards personal study and professional perspectives in the scientific field, while paying attention Special attention to overcome the gender gap.
Having dealt with hydrogeological instability, climate change, and renewable energy, nutrigenomics in previous editions of Science Week; And again, ethical choices in scientific research, self-driving cars, scientific investigations, and epidemiological graphs; but also health and research, for coronavirus, and radiological diagnostics; Then again, from robotics and automation, air quality and microparticles, living systems, and the experience of the medical profession in theaters of war, students are now preparing to discuss cosmology starting with Dante’s vision, augmented reality and engineering, stem cells, solidarity and social responsibility, biomedical research and oncology, National Health Service.
It will once again be an important opportunity to compare generations with different professionals, holders of significant personal experience in various fields capable of arousing curiosity and interest in young people who are struggling to build their future.
All meetings will take place in the school auditorium.
Happy Science Week!

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