“Science, like music, speaks a universal language.”

“Science, like music, speaks a universal language.”

Cucumber Roberto Okioto to recruit Cuban doctors To strengthen emergency facilities in Calabria hospitals, he found unexpected political endorsement for the foundations of Rifondazione Comunista Pino Scarpelliwhose position is in line with the choices of the governor who highlights in this area the former regional secretary of the party, goes in the direction indicated by the left of Calabria in the recent past.

Bridge to the Caribbean

representative ofItalo-Cuban Friendship Association, Scarpelle in the first period of the epidemic, did his best to lead Calabria and promote the initiation of relations with the local health and university authorities, two reliable exponents of Cuban medicine; researcher Rodolfo Arencipia especially Fabrizio Chiyodowho originated in Palermo but is originally from Caccuri, in the Crotone region, and participated in the development of vaccines used in the Caribbean island, to combat Covid.

Excellent doctors will come

“It is in support of choosing Occhiuto as Commissioner of Health and not as a politician in Forza Italia – confirms the representative of the Prc in our network – we are convinced that distinguished professionals will arrive who have already had the opportunity to work abroad. Let’s not forget that Cuban doctors have been nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. I don’t think there will be integration problems. to remember Yuri Gagarin Who is Sputnik? He looked at the earth and said: How beautiful it is, free without limits. I think science is like that Music And you speak an international language.”

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