Can digestion be helped with bicarbonate?

Can digestion be helped with bicarbonate?

Bloating and feeling heavy after eating are often clear signs of this Dyspepsia. The most common advice in these cases is to take sodium bicarbonate, which is a natural, economical and considered a real cure.

After all, bicarbonate seems to provide a Instant relief from intestinal disordersNot to mention that today it is the basis of many medicines for the treatment of various diseases.

However, this popular product may not be completely effective in treating digestive problems. Some currently question its effectiveness Scientific evidence.

As also mentioned in the in-depth analysis of Tap waterthe official online magazine of the CAP Group, although the topic remains widely, and in some cases, debated Bicarbonate for digestion In fact, it can be invalidated.

Moreover, taking this product in people suffering from certain diseases, or in wrong doses, can also cause negative effects: Therefore, before using it as Do it yourself treatmentIt is always best to consult your doctor.

but, Bicarbonate is a powerful antacidPrecisely for this reason it is among the active ingredients of many medications and nutritional supplements used Stomach acid treatment.

Bicarbonate and digestion: let’s dispel the myth

Since it is an element that when dissolved in water produces a solution with a slightly basic pH, Bicarbonate can provide some relief if acidity and heartburn are present.

However, it is necessary to emphasize that if acidity occurs in conjunction with a problem in the digestive system, it is possible that it may progress Just a temporary luxuryIt seems that bicarbonate only works on the effects of indigestion and not on the causes that led to its occurrence.

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The reason is of a purely chemical nature: bicarbonate, once it reaches the stomach, reacts with hydrochloric acid present in gastric juice, leading to a reaction that produces water, salt and salt. Carbon Dioxide; The latter will cause the stomach to swell and expel it through regurgitation, which will eliminate the feeling of bloating, but without much benefit to digestion.

Moreover, being a Powerful antacidThe action of bicarbonate can interfere with the action of the stomach: in fact, by inhibiting the acids produced by gastric juice, which are necessary for enzymes to carry out the correct partitioning of the food mass, instead of promoting the digestive process, it can actually hinder it.

Therefore the advice is this Take bicarbonate for digestion from time to time And only after consulting the attending physician, who, by carefully analyzing the symptoms and timing, will be able to determine whether or not to take the drug. DIY solution based on bicarbonate It can help relieve the disorder.

However, the best way to aid digestion is Drink enough waterThis facilitates the movement of food, enhances the absorption of nutrients, and protects against the acidity of gastric juices.

Bicarbonate: adverse effects and contraindications

Even treatments performed on your own can have harmful effects. In fact, bicarbonate, due to its high sodium content, is a by-product It is contraindicated for people on a low-sodium diet. Furthermore, changing the pH inside the stomach can alter the effect of some medications, hindering the absorption of some medications and making their effectiveness weaker.

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Finally, it can eventually cause Gastrointestinal disorders,define a Increased water retention And based on blood pressure In some special cases, benevolence Formation of kidney stones: A group of effects that make it unsuitable for consumption by some categories of individuals, except under strict advice from the treating physician.

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